Friday, March 18, 2011

Eagle Cam in Norfolk and A Spring Like Day after School

The weekend is here . . .

This is how we started out our weekend . . .

Cody found his nice clean lovey in the clean laundry.

Take MY picture Mommy . . .

Ryan is swinging high . . .

Cody and EJ are "playing" soccer

I LOVE watching the boys play outside.

Run . . . Run . . . Run

The breeze is blowing . . . you can see the ripples on the lake.

Fun on the play set.

Flying High

Run Little Buddy

I think EJ forgot his socks.

A photo of JC "FatDog"!

Kamie is enjoying the breeze blowing through her hair.

Mia is "begging" for a bit of Daddy's snack.

She scored a bite from Daddy.

EJ is hiding during a game a hide and seek.

Emma is just hanging out.

Mia is peeking from around Daddy's chair.

JC and Emma . . . 

Mia is watching the kids.

Who? What? Me?

Lucky Dog . . . Lucky Dog

Mia is snuggling with Daddy.

The wind is blowing through her hair.

It was VERY breezy outside AND chilly!

We all came inside and are watching a movie . . . 
The Sugar Creek Gang.

We have also been watching the Norfolk Eagle Cam . . .
There are three Eaglets . . .
Click on EAGLE.


Gina said...

Congratulations to your daughter! She is very talented!

Such sweet pictures! Children at play and your puppies. :)


heartsfulloflove said...

Great pics! They all say "life is good"!

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