Monday, March 7, 2011

Dreary Outside BUT Cuddly Inside

Another lovely day at our house . . . even though the skies were dreary. 
We had a little guy at our house today . . .

We snuggled and chatted . . .

we laughed and snuggled some more . . .

Then, the kids got home and Ryan was "taken" with Baby Garrett.

Ryan wanted to hold him . . .
Garrett didn't mind at first . . .

Ryan hugged him and kissed his little head.

Little Garrett talked to Ryan and they had a great "chat".
Ryan told me, "Garrett is SO CUTE!"
It was very special to see Ryan be so tender with Garrett.

Cody watches little Garrett, but isn't quite sure of him yet.
He made a statement to me this afternoon . . .

He said, "Mom, when he (Garrett) cries, he is grumpy."

So, there you have it .  .  .

By the way . . . Cody's Glasses were FOUND.
I really should say . . . they were located!
Apparently, EJ had misplaced HIS glasses and tried to 
replace them with Cody's. They didn't work out so well for him . . .
they bothered his eyes . . . (insert a "duh" here).
He took the glasses off and put them inside one of his paperback reading books and then put them into the bottom of his backpack.
They were "found" this evening.

We are THANKFUL the glasses were found.

We are a bit discouraged that our son didn't choose to tell us that he had the glasses in his backpack before we went through three large garbage cans full of garbage in search of the glasses.

The house is pretty quiet tonight . . .
Katelyn and I are enjoying Season Four of Prison Break.
Randy is upstairs watching Do It Yourself shows.
The boys are in bed.

Coffee and my laptop . . .
Katelyn's company
and relaxation.

A beautifully peaceful evening.

1 comment:

Bobbie - Clumsy Crafter said...

That is why I'm dreading the fact that one of my kids might possibly need glasses or a retainer in the future. Like on the movie Parenthood when they dug through the trash at night looking for the retainer? Ugh.

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