Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black Rock Chicken

Today was Day 4 of Spring Break and it went pretty well.
We all got out of bed, the kids had the
 "Breakfast of Champions" 
(a.k.a. Pop tarts).

I had a nail appointment. Today was back fill day . . . it would be a long one . . . especially since I ripped my thumb nail off way into the owie area under the nail. I decided to take along two of my boys . . . Cameron and Ryan. I instructed them to get their Nintendo games and a charger just in case they needed a charge.
I was SO happy the boys were really "into" their games. I kept a good eye on them so they didn't cause any mischief. We were about 1/2 way through the nail appointment when Cameron alerted me . . .
"My Nintendo battery died."
Hmmmmm I think I said "take your charger".
Anyway, as we were leaving the nail salon a woman stopped me and said, "You have such Well Behaved Boys!"
I was so excited!
To say the least, I was VERY Proud of them!

We had a few items to drop off for a large sale that friends of our family are having to raise money. They are within weeks of heading to China to pickup their precious little girl Jillian!
Please Pray they have a TREMENDOUS turnout and Sales!
The sale is this Saturday, April 2.

After dropping off the things, we headed to the eye doctor's office to pick up spare glasses and sun glasses for the boys. Ryan was excited to get his sunglasses. He wore them with excitement!

Sonic was for lunch. The kids loved the surprise.
After lunch, we went outside for the boys to play.
They had a great time with their Nerf-like slingshots.
We were out as long as I could stand it . . . I about froze!!!
The  temperature was about 50 degrees  but the wind off the lake felt like it made the temperature feel like 10.
Soon we came in to warm up.
Blankets and a movie for all.
Have you seen Tangled???

The kids were enjoying the movie and I decided to snuggle and rest a few minutes. No sooner had I began to rest Ryan asked if he could heat up the remainder of his chicken from lunch. I told him yes and knew he could put the chicken in the microwave for 30 seconds or so just like when he has spaghetti o's. I must have dozed off a few minutes . . . I awoke hearing Katelyn ask "What in the world?" She sounded concerned, so I sat up to see what she was concerned about.
It was immediately evident.
Our kitchen was smokey and the smell of burn permeated the room.
I went into the kitchen . . . apparently, Ryan had put his chicken in the microwave in the cardboard container it came in. Instead of the normal 30 - 45 seconds, he decided on 20 seconds. That would normally be fine, except he pushed 20:00 instead. The chicken cooked for SEVEN minutes and it turned into a ball of black molten rock!
I took the container out of the microwave with tongs and took it to the sink, turned the water on and cooled it down.
The inside of the microwave was covered in a crazy brown color and the glass tray was a bit scorched.
I got out my Shaklee H2 cleaner and cleaned our microwave quickly and easily. I used the scour paste on the scorched area of the glass tray and it came off quickly and easily.

Ryan was in tears and apologized over and over about the chicken. I told him that I wasn't concerned about the chicken, but more about everyone's safety. This incident definitely made Ryan very aware that things happen very quickly and we should always be careful.
I instructed Ryan to never use the microwave again unless there was an adult there with him. Praise God everyone was safe.
After everything was cleaned up, we practiced a fire drill. The kids thought it was pretty cool and love to do them. 

Tonight all is normal . . . except that awful smell of burned into a clump of black rock chicken!

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