Thursday, March 24, 2011


The house is quiet this morning . . .
you can hear the proverbial pin drop!
Katelyn and I are enjoying the peacefulness.
(Katelyn chose not to go on a field trip with school, so she is home.)

Yesterday our day was a flurry of activity (as were the days prior).
Yesterday, March 23 was our Baby Boy's FIFTH Birthday!
Where has time gone?
Our little guy is growing up!

Photos of Cody as a newborn are on cds that I have stored, however my external hard drive has photos on it of Cody when he was a year old. Look how bitty he was . . .

And Now . . .

and more birthday photos . . .

Cody came down to this on his Birthday morning:

Aunt Jeanette made the cake . . . COLDSTONE!

Aunt Jeanette, at work with the cake she made for Cody.
Thanks Aunt Jeanette . . . is was AWESOME!!!

Now time for PRESENTS!!!

and then . . .

a telephone call from Grandpa

Grandpa always pretends to be "rotten sneggly" when he calls the kids . . . it cracks me up.

And then he "sings" Happy Birthday! As you can see, is DOESN'T sing  . . . Well . . . you know how the Bible says, "Make a joyful noise"? Well, that verse should have Grandpa's picture next to it!

He loved the telephone call!

Happy Birthday Cody . . .


Gina said...

Happy belated birthday Cody! Five years old. Julie, before you know it, they will all be out on their own. That day comes too soon.

Love all the legos or whatever those little policemen are! :)

Jeanette said...

Glad the cake was good! Hope he gets his present from us delivered soon :}


Love you bugs :}

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Happy Birthday! We just had the twin's 2nd birthday today:) Looks like the playmobile fairy came to your house as well!!

Marva said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cody!!!!

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