Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The kids are upstairs in bed, my hubs is upstairs watching television in the bedroom, Katelyn is downstairs showering and I am on the main floor with the dogs . . . four of them. We have an overnight guest for the next two nights . . . JC ~ Mom and Dad's Dachshund (a.k.a. FAT DOG). She looks like a stuffed polish sausage . . . lol. I don't know if I will be able to get a good picture of her . . . she doesn't like her picture taken and when I try, she turns her head. JC is a little contrary, but we love, love, love her.

Mom and Dad are going to the Academic Tournament for Katelyn on Thursday and Friday. This is Katelyn's Senior Year which means it is her last Academic Tournament. She is competing in music ensembles, band, choir, polychromatic drawings and monochromatic drawings.

She is entering these two drawings:

Go Get Em Katelyn!!!
I am so proud of my girl!

The next two photos are of a newly finished drawing . . .

I have been having ear pain and loss of hearing in my left ear since last Thursday. I had my hubs take a look in it yesterday with one of those otoscope thingies . . . His verdict, "you need to see a doctor."
So, this afternoon I went to one of our local Urgent Care offices.
There were some lovely nurses there . . . very friendly.
The doc reminded me of an old country doctor . . . slow and steady.
The verdict ~~~ ear infection. Nice.
The treatment ~~~ antibiotic ear drops twice a day for ten days.
I tried to get a prescription to say . . .
no laundry, dishes, kid patrol, referee duty, etc.
but the nurse said it wouldn't do any good anyway. lol
I left the docs office and headed to the local pharmacy . . . fifteen minutes later I was on the way home with my prescription and a few miscellaneous items that I had picked up while waiting.

I bought:
marshmallow peeps for each of the boys
Dove Caramel Chocolates for Katelyn and Randy
a magazine
a large bouncy ball (toy story)
light blue nail polish for Katelyn
and a bottle for my toes too!

When I arrived home, I found the kids and Randy outside enjoying the beautiful warm weather. I joined them and relaxed while watching the boys run off some energy. It wasn't long before Katelyn joined us out on the deck as well . . . it was amazing.

As I write, I can hear the chimes in the breeze. Our patio doors are open and the air is smells wonderful! I hope to sleep with the patio door open in the master bedroom too. Should make for some pretty good sleeping . . . especially since it should be really quiet  . . . since I can't hear out one ear. lol

I also want to Congratulate Kelly, Scott and Harper Stamps on the arrival this morning of Hollis Barrett Stamps! Hollis arrived weighing 8 lbs 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. According to Kelly's Facebook . . . Hollis has a full head of dark hair and according to Kelly's blog . . . Hollis is PERFECT! Praise God!!! Here is a link to Kelly's Blog . . . click Here.

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The Whitakers said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor and you will soon be on the mend. Although, it would have been great to get a Rx that excused you from work! :)
Sarah is very much looking forward to her trip with Katelyn and your parents as well!Take care!~Kristi

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