Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unhappy Campers at MY House

So, the Blizzard officially ended at noon cst . . . at least it was supposed to.

We have a ton of snow . . .

Took my hubs 3 1/2 hours to clear it WITH a tractor. He was going to go next door to do the neighbor's drive, but he can't even get to it yet. The plows have buried his drive and the snow is basically waist deep. Check out this photo . . .

Randy is now out there once again trying to plow the neighbor out.

Update **** After three plus hours . . . the neighbor is now plowed out.

We have unhappy campers at our house. I declared today CLEAN YOUR ROOM day!

What does that mean???

In my house, that means:

tidy your bedroom
put away any laundry you may have
strip your bed
remake your bed
wipe hardwood floor

Of course, they were a bit upset that I wouldn't let them play outside. Too cold, Too windy and they have been out of school for a week and a half with sickness. Call Me a MEAN Mommy!

Of course, we have been busy with:

bathroom cleaning

being a referee


We spent the day BUSY, BUSY, BUSY

The upstairs is done . . .

Everyone worked together to clean each room.

I have ONE question . . .

Where do all of the DUST BUNNIES COME FROM???

Tonight we are relaxing and watching Everybody Loves Raymond . . . Season One. The kids have gone to bed and we (Katelyn and I) are relaxing and enjoying some laughs.

School is out once again tomorrow.

The kids seem to be feeling better . . . I look forward to letting them climb the
"snow mountains" in the back yard. They will LOVE it!

A few pictures of the snow . . .


Marva said...

Wow! Look at all that snow!! We are suppose to have sleet tonight.....yuck! I had rather have snow.
You are NOTa mean Mom but a great Mom!
Also, I got my Beth Moore book in the mail yesterday. Either I had forgotten or did not know I had one. LOL! Mommy brain going on! ;) Anyhow, I love it and thank you! Oh and John said you should be a professional packer.:) HE like to have never gotten it out of the envelopes! LOL!!!!

Patrice said...

The snow is beautiful!! I can't believe how much you have!! Dust bunnies?!?! I battle them all the time and I think they reproduce my the zillions while we sleep at night!

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