Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Tonight I am weary . . . tired . . . bushed . . . exhausted . . . beat!

This morning I had plans, although my plans usually are not without some sort of glitch. Today was no different. When I talked to my Mom this morning I told her that I was going to head home from taking the boys to school, make myself a few cups of coffee, chill out, read and watch my Lysa Terkeurst DVD. That all sounded great . . . My Mom warned me though. Never count on it! She was right.

I arrived home and the house was quiet. The kids were all at school, my hubs was at work and the dogs were at their day of once a week beauty. It was just Bugsy the Guinea Pig and me, and well, Mom on the telephone with me. We had our usual morning chat and then said goodbye for the day. I took one look at the state of my house and decided that I better "tidy" a little bit BEFORE Sue, my bi-monthly cleaning guru arrived at noon. So, I picked up Legos, Pick up sticks, dvds, wii games, wii remotes, books, misc socks . . . you know that stuff that ends up wherever in a house of five kids, three dogs, three gold fish, two frogs, a guinea pig and oh yeah . . . my husband, aka Daddy.

As fate would have it, I also needed to load the dishwashers, sort dirty laundry, reload the washers, reload the dryers, fold clothes ~~~ you get the picture, right?

So far House 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . JuJu relaxing ~ Zilch

I tidied kitchen counters, put away the cereal and everything else that had taken up residence on our counters and breakfast bar. Cup of coffee #two was brewed. By this time Bugsy the Guinea Pig was weet, weet, weeting at me. If you have never had OR known a guinea pig you wouldn't know that they make the cutest little weet weet weet whistle sound when they want something. Bugsy wanted his freshly grown grass (we grow it for him from a package especially for guinea pigs) as the freshly grown grass makes for a happy little piggy! I then moved Bugsy's cage to the dining area patio doors so the lil' dude could watch outside. The sunlight was gently coming through the door and Bugsy began basking in the sunlight. The PIG was H.A.P.P.Y!

Before I knew it, Cody was home from school (Grandpa picked him up for me today - Thanks again Dad!) and was ready for lunch. Me . . . I am having an apple day . . . lunch and dinner - up to six apples total for the day and no other food. It is supposed to help break a stall in my HCG protocol. I am also using Lysa Terkeurst's book . . . Made to Crave . . . it has some pretty interesting stuff in there!!! Turning to God instead of F.O.O.D! Great book!

During the afternoon, Cody and I curled up in a chair with blanket and books. I read and he enjoyed interrupting me on just about every page. That boy either had questions or comments. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Before long, the other kids were home and the quietness of the house was a memory. There were snacks to get, homework to do and devotions to spend time with. Then Daddy ordered up a few pizzas for he and the kids which smelled WONDERFUL! I simply enjoyed the smell and not the tasting! 

I made up a cake/bar mix and added applesauce and raisins. I then mixed up some quick frosting - powdered sugar, margarine, vanilla and smeared it all over the cake bars while they were still warm. The frosting melted into the cake bars and around them . . . the family thought they were scrumptious. I enjoyed watching and listening to them as they chatted over the yummy dessert.

Everyone has now had their baths and are ready for bed. The house is once again quieting down. It is time for me to close this post by wishing all of you a good night.

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Mimi said...

Housework never takes a day off, does it?
I want to thank you for the book. I read it, loved it, and now my daughter is reading it.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend-it's only a couple of days away!

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