Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Therapy, Airplanes and Decorating

Today Randy had a great physical therapy session. The PT was pleased with the strength that has returned to his leg already. Now to work on lengthening the muscle to gain range of motion.

Tomorrow night we are expecting snow once again. I don't know that I am happy about it . . .
I am ready for spring and sunshine.

Ryan has been "into" making paper airplanes. He is doing a pretty good job and loves the book we have of paper airplane patterns. Paper airplanes have been flying all over the house. It is good to see him "really" into a new hobby.

Good nights are being said throughout the upstairs.
It makes me smile.

I have been putting out pretties for spring.
I love how they make the house look.
This year I added a bird, eggs and cherry blossom.

I love to decorate!

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Cindy said...

Good...I'm glad you love to decorate because my next post will be about decorating ideas that I Need:)

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