Thursday, February 24, 2011


Our area is expecting another snow storm.
Not of epic proportions like three weeks ago . . .
but several inches.
We are not thrilled.

This morning I put the Dixie Chopper on the drive . . .
the crazy thing had another flat tire.
Randy called and had the tire taken off, taken to be fixed and re-installed back onto the Dixie.
Now, we are all ready  . . .
let it snow.

But REALLY, it is time for SPRING!

This morning I had a nail appointment . . .
it was wonderful.
Just enough time away . . .
I felt much better after a few hours of
nail "therapy" and chatting.
I needed that!

It is hard to "wear" so many hats sometimes.
Have you ever took the time to jot down how many hats YOU wear?
I think you would be VERY surprised . . .
there are probably quite a few.

daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, great aunt
nurse, doctor, counselor, therapist
laundress, maid, decorator, chauffeur,
teacher, seamstress, baker, accountant,
day planner, party planner
secretary, receptionist, entertainment coordinator,
hygienist, psycho analyst, dietitian, clothier

I am certain, I have probably forgotten a "hat" or two.
Isn't it crazy how busy our lives are?

No wonder we get "overwhelmed" from time to time.

It is beginning to sleet at our house . . .
wonder what tomorrow morning is going to look like.

Be safe everyone.

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