Thursday, February 3, 2011

SNOW DAY # 3 In Our Town

Today marks Day # 3 of SNOW DAYS from school. I don't remember EVER having three snow days in a row growing up, let alone my kids having three days from school for snow. It was a great call though, by the powers to be at school.

Sometime today or tomorrow morning, I need to head out and pick up Katelyn's Cake . . . Made by Aunt Jeanette. Thank you so much Aunt Jeanette!!! Your cakes are AWESOME!!!

My kids seem to all be on the mend . . . PRAISES Be To GOD!!!

This morning I have allowed everyone to "chill out" and so cartoons are on and Nintendo/Leapster games are playing away merrily. This afternoon, chores will need to be addressed . . . The chores shouldn't be too bad, just basic "stuff".

Tomorrow is Katelyn's 18th Birthday and she and I will be out and about for the day. We will start the day with a mani and pedi for Katelyn. She will sit and be pampered while sipping on her favorite Starbucks drink. After her mani and ped, we will have lunch together and then we are going to take in a movie . . . hopefully we can find a good one. Maybe on Saturday we can head to Borders or Barnes and Noble for a bit of down time too.

I need to get EJ some new jeans . . . unless he wants to start a new trend! ;-) His jeans are getting shorter and shorter.

Well, I must get myself busy  . . . sitting here writing on my blog and playing on facebook isn't getting my laundry done.

I have a list . . .

Have a great day!


Patrice said...

What a fun day tomorrow promises to be!! Happy Birthday Katelyn!

Mimi said...

Have a fun girl's day out! Happy Birthday to Katekyn!

Marva said...

What fun! Happy Birthday, Katelyn!!!

Last month we had a snow day week! We had a small ice/snow sotrm today and school is delayed tomorrow but since BOTH of the twins have a tummy bug we will be home for a long weekend!

Glad your crew is on the mend! Love you sweet friend!

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