Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Gimpy

Laundry has consumed my day.

Another day or so . . .
my kids would have been running around nakie!

My house smells like freshly washed laundry.
A scent I absolutely love.


My morning coffee is delicious . . .
amazing, warm, tasty

My day will be consumed with household chores today.
Sheets and blankets are on the laundry schedule.

Then, we will be dusting the upstairs.
Vacuuming, mopping, tidying
re-making up the beds
cleaning bathrooms

Life as a Mom to FIVE is never boring.
Life is interesting, unexpected, crazy.

and you know . . .
I LOVE it . . . even the dirty laundry.

Husband update:
Randy is doing well.
He is getting along pretty good and is even thinking about going from crutches to a cane.
Which . . .  is totally amazing!
Surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow.
He is doing much better than with the left leg surgery that was four years ago  . . . that surgery was much harder to recover from.

In fact, Gimpy (a.k.a. Randy) actually got into his car and took a drive to get lunch . . . Arby's and McDonalds. Randy and Katelyn had roast beef and I had a lovely Arby salad 
and the kids had McD's.

He said, It felt incredible to get out and about on his own.
I am SO proud of him!

I am down to two loads of laundry throw into the wash, waiting for two loads to dry and to loads to finish washing. Then it will be put sheets back on the beds - love them freshly washed - and take care of the floors upstairs. The kids are supposed to dust their own rooms - we shall see how that goes.

The Dixie Chopper/plow has been put back in the lower garage - I am getting much better at driving it! I could just be a Dixie Chopper Racer before you know it! lol . . . . NOT~

Cameron has been a great helper today . . .
Ryan, EJ and Cody . . . 
NOT so much!
They all have their work to do . . .
Cameron is doing his and helping me . . .
he will be getting a treat.

Well, the laundry is calling my name again . . .

chat with you soon!

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