Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Evening and a Prayer Request

Saturday Night . . . 

Early bed for everyone!

A little bit of relaxing while watching a little television.

Not much is going on at our place tonight.

Tomorrow . . . laundry and getting things together for the week.

Monday . . . is Valentine's Day and I have already given my hubs his gift.

Monday my hubs will be having knee surgery on his right knee. We aren't certain the extent of the surgery process nor will the doctor until he is actually in surgery. We are praying the knee replacement will be a normal replacement and not to the extreme of the left leg knee replacement he had almost four years ago. It was VERY invasive.

Please pray for:

wisdom for the surgeon
normal knee replacement . . . not invasive
safety while under anesthesia
good pain control
ease in recovery

also, please pray for me and the boys while Daddy is at the "Bed and Breakfast" (hospital) for "vacation" . . . I have been teasing him about taking a vacation.

Randy and I are both looking forward to getting through the next few days AND for the pain that Randy has been in for several years to be either eliminated or much less than it has been for him.

We covet your prayers.


jennifer said...

Saying a prayer for him as well as for you. Hugs Julie!

heartsfulloflove said...

Prayers up here as well as some great nieces who will pray too! Love you guys!

Mimi said...

Sending prayers for Randy and your family.
Hang in there!

Marva said...

Sending prayers for you all! Love you sweet friend and keep us posted!

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