Sunday, February 27, 2011


I thought it would be fun to do a picture post tonight of
a few things around my house that make me smile.

I purchased these porcelain shakers about two years ago. 
They reminded me of a set that my Grandma had when I was growing up. They are not exactly like the ones she had, but
they still remind me of her and that makes me smile.

In my kitchen, one of my kitchen sinks is in the corner and surrounded by windows. Behind the sink, there is a raised shelf where I can display pretty things.
The big plant was a "Get Well" gift for Randy. He received it while in the hospital. It is a beautiful plant that needed to be placed into a more permanent home rather than the straw basket it came in at the hospital. I have had this lovely "jar/pot" for a few years and thought . . . hmmmm that plant would look awesome in it.
I think I was right!

A clean table . . .
no crayons, little cut up pieces of paper, left overs from breakfast/lunch or dinner, no homework . . .
Just my pretty table runner and a few pretties.

I love my little tray, clock, Name Picture and lantern.

 Another view.

It also makes me smile to see a tidy kitchen and breakfast bar.
With the exception of the goldfish, froggies (Max & John), plant and paperwork to go to the office, the breakfast bar is empty!

These acrylic serving trays came in super handy since Randy's knee surgery. Breakfast/lunch or dinner is served easily.
Plus they are very easy to wash!

Bird eggs (pretty blue and off white) in a big glass jar add a fun touch to the Cherry Blossom branches. I also love this little black bird . . . such a fun addition!

A second plant (rubber) ~ another get well gift for Randy made its way into our library. A new pot for it to make its home . . . it sits on a little stool so that it sits a little higher than our other floor plant.

A view from a little farther back.

Ledges and pictures also make me smile.
These two ledges display a few of Katelyn's drawings
and school pictures of the kids.

Our family room . . .
we LIVE in here, so it has to be comfy.
As you can see, more ledges . . .
Also, I received the beautiful circle clock for Christmas . . .
I love, love, love it!

This canvas portrait of my kids makes me smile.
I took this photo on Easter of 2010 at my Mom and Dad's house.
Mia (our Mi-Ki) even got in on the photo.
I made the canvas on

Tonight we are having our first thunderstorm of the year.


It is wonderful to hear the thunder and see the lightning.
Emma . . . our Lhasa Apso does NOT share in my LOVE of thunderstorms. ha ha She has gone upstairs to hide under our bed.

Now to enjoy the thunderstorm and remainder of my evening.

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