Friday, February 4, 2011


It is so hard to believe our Baby Girl is 18 years old today . . . February 4 . . . 7:01 a.m.

Every year we tell her the story . . .

Every year she rolls her eyes and giggles.

Katelyn was our Miracle Baby . . .

Born at 34 weeks, she was the Healthiest Baby in the NICU.

It seems like yesterday she was born and NOW .  .  . she is 18 years old.

She still LIGHTS Up the Room when she walk into it!


In true Birthday fashion . . .

18 Things About Our Girl!!!
  1. Our girl NEVER ceases to amaze us
  2. Katelyn is as beautiful inside as she is outside
  3. Katelyn has a servants heart
  4. She is very talented and loves to draw
  5. She plays the piano and the flute
  6. She loves animals
  7. Katelyn cooks very well  . . . from scratch
  8. Giggles . . . a lot
  9. She loves books . . . and reads a lot
  10. Katelyn does laundry . . . usually pretty well, except for last week . . . she did a load of whites, something red snuck into the load . . . Katelyn changed all of her brothers white underwear P.I.N.K.
  11. She loves to spend time with her Momma (I must say, I love it too!)
  12. Loves Starbucks
  13. Katelyn always has a story to tell
  14. Looks like me . . . Poor lil' thing! lol
  15. She also tends to resemble me in Mannerism, humor, orneriness, attitude
  16. She is very respectful
  17. Katelyn loves school
  18. Katelyn was a Gift from God and a Tremendous answer to thousands of prayers for a baby.
Happy Birthday Katelyn!!!

May you have an AMAZING 18th Birthday!!!


You are the BEST Daughter in the World!

and also

You are the BEST Sister in the World!

We are PROUD of YOU!

You are OUR Sunshine!

You LIGHT UP Our Lives!


Mom, Dad, Ryan, Cameron, EJ and Cody (Emma, Kamie, Mia, Bugsy and the fish!)

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Marva said...

Happy Birthday Katelyn! I hope you have a great day!

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