Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today we prepare things for a busy week. Tomorrow Randy has knee replacement on his right knee.
We pretty much know what to expect as he had the left one replaced three or four years ago. Let's just say . . . it isn't a walk in the park. He has a wonderful surgeon and I know he will feel so much better when this is all over.

I thought I would take this opportunity to Tell you a little about my man.

First . . . we began dating when I was 17 years old and he was 22 1/2.
We married when I was 18 and he was 23 1/2.
We have been married 28 years and four months.
I Love him with all my heart.
We are soul mates.

Randy's brain runs all the time . . . meaning, he is always THINKING about work, projects, things to do, places to go . . . you get what I mean . . . right?

He is a handy guy to have around . . . although his knees have slowed him down a bit.

Randy's sleep number is 45.

He loves Diet Coke and Cherry tomatoes.

He rubs his feet together . . . and that drives me crazy.

He can't stand to hear anyone chomp or smack their food or gum . . . that drives him crazy.

Randy talks REALLY LOUD .  .  . all the time.

He LOVES to talk on the phone.

He reads my blog from time to time . . . Hi, Babe! Love you!

He supports me in whatever I do . . . for the most part.

He never ceases to amaze me.

Randy knows how to make me smile when no one else can.

His nickname used to be . . . "Poohbear" ~ a name given to him by our niece Melissa.

Randy is a worker and he gives it his all.

Randy has been to Israel and walked where Jesus once walked.

Randy asked Jesus into his heart many years ago.

Randy loves to jet ski and boat.

Randy does not like peas. He is learning to eat them . . . just for me.

Randy surprises me from time to time with a special gift . . . just because.

Randy is the backbone of our family.

He protects our family with everything he has.

He has quirks.

He still makes my eyes sparkle after all these years.

I can't wait to be able to go on walks with him and hold hands. (any long walks now involves his electric wheel chair and small walks involve crutches)

I tease him that he is going to the "Hospital/Bed and Breakfast" for relaxation, his own remote control and room service. I tease him that I am getting a vacation too . . . and that we are going to PAR-TAY!

But . . .

Truth be told . . .

I am going to miss him being home like crazy and I am sure the kids will too.

I am going to worry about him . . . you know, because I Love Him.

Our home will be empty without him . . . yes, even though we have five kids, three dogs, three gold fish, two frogs and a guinea pig.

My heart will hurt because he is in pain . . . yes, even with the pain meds.

My heart will feel bad for him . . . he hates hospitals.

In the 28 years and four months we have been married, we have only been apart a handful 1/2 times.

It will be weird!

Know that I LOVE YOU Randy!!!

In just a few days . . . 

this will be a memory . . .

you will be home . . .

and we will be driving you CRAZY!



Jeanette said...

What time is surgery and where?? Don't forget to let me know if you need someone to help at home! I can work around my work to help where you need it!!

Marva said...

Praying for everyone! How long will his hospital stay be? Love to you!

Mimi said...

What a sweet description of your hubs!
I am praying for him. I'm sure that his new knee will be the best Valentine ever for both of you. Hugs, Mimi

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