Saturday, February 5, 2011

Katelyn's 18th Birthday . . . WARNING . . . PHOTOS and A LOT OF THEM~

Yesterday, February 4 . . . was our girl's Birthday!

Katelyn Elisabeth was born at 7:01 a.m. on February 4, 1993.
Our firstborn . . . Our miracle!

I had asked my peeps on Facebook for ideas of what to get my girl for her birthday and received a ton of response. Thanks to all.

I decided on a Mom and Daughter day . . .
It was a HUGE hit!

We headed out right after taking the boys to school and the dogs to beauty. First stop . . . pick up the most incredible birthday cake from my sister . . . there are definite perks in having a sister that decorates cakes . . . let alone that she works at COLD STONE.

Cody rode along . . . 

Cody was in the back seat watching Tom and Jerry . . . and wearing my Coach sunglasses because the sun was his his eyes.

Take a look at Katelyn's cake in its yummy splendor!

Isn't it so pretty??? Of course, so is my GIRL!

After we picked up the cake, we brought it home and Grandma arrived to watch Cody for the day. He remained home yet another day because he was still coughing and I thought it best for one more day of recuperation for him. Then it was onto the nail salon for a mani & pedi with Missy . . . 

So Relaxing!!!

While Katelyn was getting her mani and pedi I went to Starbucks and picked her up a Skinny hot chocolate and piece of coffee cake.

After the mani and pedi we make a quick trip to the vet with two of our babies . . . Kamie and Mia were not feeling well. After a shot for Kamie and meds for Mia we were back home 
and ready to head out again. 

Next stop . . . Olive Garden!

Oh Dear  . . . how do we choose???

First . . . drinks

Diet Coke for Me

and a pretty Lemonade for Katelyn


Thank you very much!

Then came the salad and breadsticks . . .

then the appetizer . . .

and the main course . . .

Woo Wee that was some good Italian Yumminess!!!

Next onto Charming Charlies, Borders, CVS and back home again for cake.

To say the cake was yummy . . . and understatement!!!

Thanks Aunt Jeanette for such a YUMMY Cake!!!

Then gifts . . .

Katelyn received:

Sephora Makeup brushes
Make Up
Curling Iron


What's in the bag?

Fun and Amazing Girl Stuff!

Now for the haul from Charming Charlies . . . can anyone say . . . Got Jewelry???

a few books . . .

and pics of the brothers . . . EJ was not in the photos because he was looking for his glasses . . .

Time to test drive some of that jewelry . . .

a drawing from Cameron . . . I think it is a birthday cake.

a Birthday drawing from a little girl named Alice. Alice goes to school with Cameron and is Katelyn's piano teacher's daughter!!!

Snow flakes from Ryan

The end of a lovely 18th Birthday!!!


Patrice said...

Wow, how much fun! I am sure it will be a birthday to remember!!

Jeanette said...

I am glad you enjoyed the cake! Abby actually built it on Tuesday at the start of the blizzard - we headed into work for an hour.

Ummmm, my birthday is in March just in case you forgot ;}

Julie said...

Jeanette . . . are you saying you want a day out with Mom???? lol

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