Friday, February 18, 2011


Friday . . . I cannot believe we are just about through this week AND on the second half of February. It seems that our days are running together a bit and it is harder to remember what day of the week it is.

The kids had a decent week at school and will be home for President's Day on Monday.

Our dogs have been staying close to me since Randy has been home and have been curious as to Randy's leg . . . apparently it smells a bit different since the surgery. Today was a bit of a better day for Randy although his leg is very stiff and swollen he has a bit more movement and he has been working to move around a little more. He gets exhausted easily and must change positions slowly and listen to his body to know when to stop and get his balance because his blood count is low. Hopefully, his blood count will return to normal quickly.

Our Master bedroom has been the "family" room of the house where everyone tends to hang out right now. It has been easier for Randy to stay in the Master bedroom and attached sitting room rather than go up and down the stairs a few times a day. I am thankful our kids are flexible and don't mind changing things up a bit.

I was able to get a few things done today. It felt good to dust, dust mop and vacuum the Master bedroom, sitting room, and Master bath. I also lit a few Yankee Candles . . . Vanilla Lavender.

We have a little remote control battle going on between Ryan and Cody . . . 
sheesh, they start early with that!

Our home has been adorned with beautiful flowers and green plants. Thank you everyone for your kindness everything is beautiful!

EJ is helping Randy  . . .  it is really cute to watch. EJ is helping Randy lift his leg on the ottoman. Slow . . . Slow . . . Slow . . . EJ! SLOW . . . the little dude was getting a bit rambunctious! lol

Katelyn has been home from school the past two days with Strep throat. She also was trying to be helpful between resting. I don't know what I would do without her.

Here are a few photos from tonight:

 a very tired Mia

the always beautiful Kamie

 Randy relaxing with his headphones (please excuse the spilled soup on his shirt)

EJ and Cody

Cameron and Cody

Katelyn is busy drawing this evening, I didn't get her photo. :-(

I am hoping to be able to join her on the main floor for a little movie watching.

So what are you going to do tonight?

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Cindy J said...

I get such a feeling of "home" from reading your post tonight. I am glad that Randy is experiencing movement. I enjoyed your pictures, and wish you a peaceful evening :) As for me, I am catching up on homework, but taking the time for distractions after a busy week of school (work and classwork) Take care, Cindy

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