Sunday, February 20, 2011

a Few Pictures of Our Day

Today we have been trying to resume normal . . . 

As normal as it gets in our house.

 I took a little time to take care of the new plants and transplanted this beauty.

This little area is behind the sink in our kitchen.

The boys were busy with play doh.
As I listened to them, I smiled . . ...
they were working together
and playing nicely.

Mia was taking a little snooze. 

Randy is trying to advance in his physical therapy. He has been upstairs and down to the main floor a few times today. He seems to be doing a bit better today and has accomplished a bit more in gaining independence. It is a tough road, but he is doing well with the challenge.

The kids have been helping quite a bit . . .

they have all came together and helped out

Just like a little pit crew . . .

It makes me smile!

Tomorrow the kids are out of school for President's Day.
Maybe we will take them out to lunch . . . after Randy's first therapy session.

Randy, Katelyn and I have gotten hooked on the series Prison Break.
We watched the shows back to back last evening.
Interesting series.

Now for a bit of relaxation and snuggle with a warm blanket.

Have a great day!

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