Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family, Recovery and Blessings

Yesterday, as many of you know, my husband Randy had knee replacement surgery. 

It was a hard day, but one full of Thankfulness.

Randy and I have been dreading this knee surgery. Randy has been putting it off for three years until his doctor told him that if he didn't get it fixed soon . . . he wouldn't be able to fix it.
Randy took the warning seriously and scheduled the surgery . . .

February 14 ~~~ Valentine's Day

The surgery was scheduled for NOON, but ran a half an hour late. The surgery lasted about 50 minutes before they began closing up. By 3:40 p.m. he was in his room . . . 
beginning the recouperation process.

Before the night was out, he had already been sitting on the bedside and was wanting to get up and move around. Physical therapy came in this morning and he began exercises, sat bedside, sat in chair and walked (although he tried a very fast pace) down the hall and up the hall. He wanted to do more and more, but the Physical therapist told him he had done enough. Much to his disappointment, they grounded him to rest and recover.

The office and factory have been trying to keep things going . . . Randy is usually on top of everything. He had planned ahead and we had quite a lot of information in writing for everyone. Randy was handling this and that for work and was doing o.k. with all of it . . .
until he got a "sales" call that completely wiped him out.

He and I talked about it and I then showed him a picture of before the telephone call and after. The 30 - 40 minute call exhausted him and he crashed. After a quick text and photo to the office, the calls slowed and he was able to get a bit of rest. 
Tonight my love was exhausted . . . 
he was going to try to sleep as he only got about three hours of sleep last night.

I took care of everything he needed . . . including providing him my ipod, earphones and recharge cord. I adjusted his ice cooling wrap, pillows, blankets and made sure he had water and of course his cell phone before I left to come home to the kids . . . 

We have much to be THANKFUL FOR:


safety before, during and after surgery

great drugs to keep Randy comfortable

a fantastic nursing staff

our office staff

manufacturing staff



the many many prayers

our support system

strong determination to do what needed done

Family and friends willing to help out where needed.

Mom and Dad  . . .  for staying with the kids

Katelyn for helping out

there is so much more, but my brain is running on fumes

Thank you all for your prayers.

I must get my kiddos to go to sleep . . .

rest well everyone.

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Marva said...

Prayers and hugs for you all!

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