Sunday, February 6, 2011


Would you believe one of my sons actually tried to get me to believe that he read the entire book of Proverbs in less than two hours??? Naaa . . . Me either.

Here is the scoop . . .

All of the boys (except Cody) were supposed to take some quite time and read their devotions. Two of the three boys did as they were told. One of the boys didn't . . . Instead he messed around & didn't read it.

O.k. fine . . . he was told to read the entire book of Proverbs (that should have taken him quite a while~maybe even days before he finished it and regained his privileges) . . . He came to me less than two hours later and said he was finished and had read the entire book of Proverbs. I asked him questions about a few different chapters but he couldn't tell me what he had read . . . not even the last chapter, Proverbs 31. Now I didn't expect him to "KNOW" everything that he read, but he should have had something to tell me about what he read, however he didn't know anything. My six year old could tell me that he read about wisdom . . . my seven year old . . . nothing.

He had lied to me . . . he had not read the book of Proverbs . . . although he said he did. It was a little bit before he actually admitted that he had lied to me. O.k. . . . onto the next level . . .

This one he can't lie about . . . he gets to write every word of every verse of the Book of Proverbs. THIS one will take him even longer. Now of course he won't be writing continuously without a break . . . he will not write endlessly each day. However, he will not regain his privileges until the entire book of Proverbs has been written by him. 

I know . . . I am a mean Mom. However, I want him to learn that there are consequences to our choices. Lying was a very poor choice . . . he knows  lying is wrong. I still can't believe he lied to me while holding his Bible.

Praying he learns his lesson . . . writing Proverbs can only help!

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