Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Long Day and a Health Scare

Another Monday is just about history.

The cold and rain has returned.

The kids were home from school for President's Day.

Randy had his first physical therapy appointment since he got home from the hospital. We arrived and Randy went back for PT and then came back out about a half an hour later looking a bit pale and defeated. He was instructed to go sit in the waiting room and a lady would call him. He did and it wasn't long before his name was called. Ryan and Cameron were with us, so we all went along with Randy when he was called. We were led into a smallish office where a lady schedules appointments. The PT Therapist was concerned with the swelling, tenderness and black and blueness of the leg that was operated on. The concern . . . a blood clot. Randy was already pale from all of the activity and I felt the color drain from my face when I heard the words blood clot. Of course, Randy and I both had to keep calm and rather quiet since we had the boys with us. Ryan immediately knew something was wrong and asked, 
"Is Daddy going to be o.k.?"
I smiled at him and then told him, "we are going to go to the hospital for someone to check Daddy's legs to make sure."

A doppler ultrasound was ordered at the hospital. We were to go straight there and go to the admitting/registration office. I dropped Randy and Cameron off at the door and then proceeded to park in the parking deck with my co-pilot Ryan. We FINALLY found a parking space on level 3 and then headed over to where we left off Randy and Cameron. Randy had already checked in and they gave him a wheel chair. PRAISE the LORD! He would have never made it if he had to crutch all his way through the hospital. I got behind him and pushed the him in the wheelchair to our destination. Needless to say, I got in a bit of a walk and some resistance exercise! ha ha

We arrived in Ultra Sound and hardly had to wait at all . . . Yes, THAT was a MIRACLE! The lady came to the waiting room and retrieved Randy . . . Ryan, Cameron and I followed. Another long walk led us to a small room with a sonogram machine, chairs and bed. Randy was told to get onto the bed and I helped to make him comfortable before the technician came in. The tech's name was Dawn and she was very friendly to all of us. Yes, they let the boys and I all remain with Randy during the ultrasound. Dawn was awesome and explained what we were seeing on the monitor and what she was looking for. It really was amazing and looked a lot like Doppler Radar on the weather. Randy laid calmly and didn't look at the monitor . . . but the boys and I were all about seeing what was going on. All in all, the testing was about 30 minutes or so . . . the technician didn't see any blood clots nor did the radiologist.

To say we were relieved is an understatement!
Next on the agenda for the day . . . get Randy home and his leg elevated to get the swelling down. Home we headed.

Tonight, we are Praising God for safety and Randy being home with us. We knew blot clots were a possibility, but when push comes to shove . . . you just never want to hear the PT or Doctor say . . .

"I don't like how this looks"
"I want to see what is going on"
"Blood Clot"

A week ago we were Thankful . . .

  • Randy had a successful surgery.
  • A regular knee replacement was done instead of the ultra invasive "rod & knee replacement."
  • The kids tolerated the surgery well.
  • Randy's pain was controlled pretty well.
Tonight we are Thankful . . .
  • Randy has gained a little mobility.
  • The testing did not reveal any blood clots.
  • Swelling is down a bit tonight.
  • The boys behaved at home and while with Randy and I.
  • We had travel safety.
  • The day was pretty good overall.
The days seem to run together a bit more than I would like, but I suppose it is just the season we are in right now. My days are revolving around my family which leaves relatively little time for "me" which is o.k., just tiring. I have a system in place for all medications for Randy . . . on my Droid cell phone. He is taking six medications plus must have an injection in his stomach each morning (given by me). If I don't keep track of them, one could be forgotten or doubled up on and I certainly don't want that. The alarms sound throughout the day and night and I am thankful to have a system that can keep me straight day and night, whether I am at home or we are out and about.

Randy and I were married 28 years and 4 1/2 months ago. In all of our wildest dreams, we would have never 
thought our lives would involve:

two failed knee surgeries
one total knee replacement with rods (left)
one total knee replacement (right)
gallbladder surgery
job loss
owning our own business
closing our business
opening a new business
business success - 14 plus years now

Through it all, God has been faithful.
I have to tell you, it is hard not to worry. It is hard to trust.

It is hard to erase the memories . . .

I can still hear the sound of my newlywed husband crashing to the floor from 15-16 feet onto a concrete floor.

Emergency room doctors telling us nothing was wrong with his leg.

The surgeons telling us there was nothing he could do
for Randy's knee . . . twice. He will always be disabled, he will never run again. He will always have pain . . . 

I can still envision Randy coming home from work to tell me that he had lost his job due to his disability.

The doctors speaking the words infertility.

The doctors simply saying . . . "I am sorry."

There are also Memories I NEVER want to forget . . .

Congratulations! You are pregnant!
Congratulations! It's a girl!

I have a Birth Mother that wants to TALK to YOU!
What ARE you going to name HIM?
He is YOUR son!

We have two little boys that NEED a Mommy and a Daddy . . .
Will YOU take them?

A baby boy was born . . . would you please pick him up?



A surgeon telling us . . . "I CAN fix your leg!"

The surgery was a success!

I was able to do the LESS invasive knee replacement!

NO blood clot!

Friends, our lives are full of ups and downs. We NEVER know what our lives will hold. Many people we are in contact with are going through tremendous trials . . . their lists much worse than mine or maybe even yours . . . 

God NEVER promises us that our lives will be perfect.

God NEVER promises us that there won't be hard times.

God NEVER promises us everything will go according to 
OUR plans . . .


God DOES promise this:

Deuteronomy 31:6  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; 
he will never leave you nor forsake you.”


Marva said...

Thank you Julie!

The Searcher said...

Glad to hear that the medical question turned out to be just a false alarm. It is amazing how quickly our minds jump to conclusions but we somehow just can't resist the temptation. You are right about God's faithfulness and compassion. He is always there for us. It is we who fail Him and turn our backs on Him opting for our will instead of His. It is hard to trust even after He has proven Himself as the rock of our lives! Glad your day ended on an up note.

Natalie said...

amen! preach it! No clots...great news....I will keep praying for a full recovery!

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