Sunday, February 6, 2011

Accomplishments on Super Bowl Sunday

Our list of accomplishments for the day . . .

In Pictures

Painted my piggies . . .

I know, they aren't as pretty as Katelyn's, but I did them myself.

I still have this mess to tackle . . . again.

a bit of drawer work to do

crayon, colored pencil and marker drawer

Nintendo and Mobi Go drawer

Nintendo not put away

lego guy flashllight and miscellaneous pieces

stairs need dusted/vacuumed

our "lived in" family room

doesn't look like anything out of place . . . right?

just look BEHIND the pillow . . . hmmmmmm

shoes, mittens and hat BEHIND the chair in the piano room

over flowed garbage . . . again

Updated photos of the bathroom repaint . . .

Pottery barn colors . . . 
This color on three walls and gray on the fourth.

Isn't it pretty?

One wall is gray.

I Love You to the moon and back . . .

built in wall in the bathroom

a few of our Frank Lloyd Wright pretties

and now  . . . results of our tidy up

I still have the desk to take care of and laundry . . .

The kids are sprawled out in the family room watching Scooby . . .

Have a great day!


Jenny said...

Looks to be a productive day. I have been fighting a headache all day and have done absolutely nothing....

Julie said...

Jenny . . . I hope your headache goes away!!! Rest dear friend!

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