Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wow, A 90th Birthday

This afternoon we had the privilege to attend my Grandma Ro's 90th Birthday party. Grandma Ro is my Dad's Mom and he and his sister's threw Grandma a lovely party!

Here are some pictures that Katelyn took:

My Dad . . . . Grandma is Dad's Mom

I LOVE this one of EJ and Great Grandma Ro

Three of my boys with Great Grandma!

Dad is calling everyone to come and sing Happy Birthday.

As you can see, Dad is "giving it his all" leading everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Grandma Ro
and boy was it . . . 
well, maybe I shouldn't comment!

My cousin Rhonda on the left, Ryan, Cody, 
myself, EJ and Aunt Joyce.

My niece Alyson.

My Sister Janeie.

My niece Kendra.

My niece Jenna.

 My Sister Jeanette.

 Ryan and My Mom. She isn't going to like this picture! 
Sorry Mom, blame it on Katelyn ~ it is the only one she took that I could see your beautiful face.

Cody is on the couch and EJ is on the floor.

The party was lovely and there were a lot of family and friends to wish her a Happy 90th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

We Love You!

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

It was fun to see everyone! I got to hold baby Max. What a sweet baby! Anyway, tell Kate thanks for blinding me when I walked in the door!!!!

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