Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Winter's Sunday at My House

This afternoon as I write, I am sitting in our Master bedroom sitting area. I love this room and FINALLY get to enjoy it today. . . here is a picture of where I sit . . .

Of course, you can see my little furry babies that are ready for me to sit down with them!

My day has been FULL as "the boys" room needed cleaned dreadfully! The room looked like a nuclear bomb hit it! The room has undergone a HUGE transformation this afternoon and I don't even recognize it! Little boys do not clean their rooms well . . . maybe I should say . . . at all! Nasty was the best word to describe the oldest boy's room . . . he is eight.

Randy continues to paint one of the 1/2 baths on our main floor. I decided on Pottery Barn colors. He has been working hard to sand and paint . . . sand and paint . . . sand and paint. The vanity and sink have been reinstalled. Touch up on three walls, a second coat on one wall and trim work need to be done. 

Two of my boys have now joined me in my "quietness" 

Well, I think I might take this opportunity to have the dish clicker all to myself! Woo Hoo . . . happy dance!

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