Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday evening

I can hardly believe it is almost MID January already. Where does the time go? Sheesh . . . I must have blinked or something because it seems that we just celebrated New Years Day 2011.

I had a laid back day today, all the kids were at school and the dogs were at beauty. The house was quiet!

Cody is excited . . . his plain Cheerios arrived today from It is so cute to hear him get so excited that his FAVORITE cereal Plain Cheeries had come. I love to purchase from and get most of my bulky items delivered as it saves me room in the shopping cart when I have to grocery shop. Five kids eat a lot of cereal!!! Plus the shipping is FREE!

I spent this evening tidying up little boy closets . . . I filled four small/medium sized totes with spring and summer clothing and free'd up some closet space for my middle boys. I am amazed at the lengths they will go to NOT to put there laundry away. It is so tough to put folded pants on a shelf (that is calf and knee level high) or put their pjs, undies and socks in their dresser or hang their shirts (they have already been put on hangers . . . all they need to do is HANG them on the rod). They had to help and didn't get free time to play tonight. My sweet hubby made coffee for me tonight as I was busy tidying their closet . . . I guess it made the chore a little more tolerable.

I was pleased that all of the kids had a descent day at school. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow I have a nail appointment. I love to go and have a nice relaxing chat with my nail tech. She is incredible!!!

I purchased a new kitchen "appliance" . . . something I have never had in 28 years of marriage. I am looking forward to using it and even purchased a "cook book" to give me a few ideas of how and what to cook in it. Have you guess what it is yet?

A Pressure Cooker! 

Do you have one? Have you ever used one? I have watched the Chefs use one on IRON CHEF, but have not been brave enough to buy and use one. I will have to let you know how it goes! I need to hop over to Pioneer Woman and see if she uses one. I'll bet she does!!!

The temperature is frigid and the ground remains covered in beautiful snow. Many places also have quite a bit of ice. I decided to wear my Ugg heals today and I absolutely love them . . . except for when I did get a little snow in through the heal . . . they are clogs with a three inch heal on them.

Please remember a dear blog lady named Joanne in your prayers. I believe she is in her 40's and has a few daughters. Yesterday morning she was on her treadmill and suffered a stroke. She had surgery yesterday and another again today to remove part of her skull as her brain was swelling horribly. The family and the doctors are waiting for Joanne to regain consciousness. I am certain they will treasure your prayers.

I guess that is about it for this evening . . . I think I will close for tonight.


Mimi said...

I hope that you love your pressure cooker as much as I love mine. I cooked a big london broil in mine today and the meat is so juicy and tender. It's so nice to have a meal done so fast!
We had beef stroganoff for dinner and the leftovers won't last long.
I'm using it tomorrow for Shredded BBQ beef sandwiches. Have fun cooking!

Marva said...

I use my pressure cooker for canning. It holds 7 quarts or 9 pints. Hope you enjoy yours! :)

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