Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vacation Is History

Tomorrow is back to school day . . .

I always tease that I am going to run down our main street naked as a jay bird in celebration .  .  . of course, anyone that knows me KNOWS that I am just teasing, but THRILLED to be back on schedule once again. Maybe instead of running down the street nakie I should simply say . . . 


The Christmas vacation has been long but for the most part enjoyable and full of memories. I am pleased that we accomplished almost everything we set out to accomplish and I captured quite a few memories in pictures. I will be finishing up a Shutterfly book of our family Christmas this week. I feel accomplished!

I am currently reading a few books . . .

Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst


Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure

Both are good and are great supplements to go along side my eating protocol called Grace and Strength. Both books touch on the Spiritual instead of the physical and I am amazed at how I am using bits and pieces from the books PLUS the amazing Scripture verses that are included in each book. They are both books that I have a hard time putting down.

I am not sure if you have noticed or checked it out, but I am now writing another blog that is simply 

Reading Through the Bible with JuJu.

A few things have touched my heart recently and I decided to put them into action. Reading through the Bible this year is one of them. I am quite certain that if I put my thoughts and the Bible down in blog form, I will stick to the schedule . . .  especially if you all hold me accountable!!! (hint, hint)

I currently have TWO lovely ladies joining me . . .  
Thanks Kelly and Jenny!!! Feel free to comment . . . I would love to hear your thoughts on the Scripture readings each day!!!

Today I finally broke down and changed my email program. I have used Outlook for years, but it has been crashing several times each day and is slower than slow, so bye bye to Outlook. I have decided to use the gmail buzz thing and it seems to work pretty well. It handles my calendar AND my contacts too. Also syncs with my Droid 2 phone almost instantly. Good Bye Outlook headaches!

Well, the hour is late and I have to be up early in the morning with the kids. Everyone sleep well!


Marva said...

I've heard Lysa's book is great! I think I will invest in that one. You are such an inspiration!!!

School is back in session here today as well! Rahter glad of that mysrlf. If I were not feeling so poorly I am sure that i would be different about that though! ;)

Hope you have a day full of HIS blessings!

Elizabeth said...

I always love your back to school posts, lol. They're full of such pure joy... as the mother with a house full of boys deserves to feel with a little peace and quiet at home.

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