Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thankful on Tuesday!

It is a snowy Tuesday in my little corner of the world. Snow has been falling gently since late last night. I love freshly fallen snow!

As I write this morning, I am Thankful and I am going to share the reasons why with you this morning.

I AM THANKFUL because . . .

Life is Good! 
Regardless of the minor mishaps of my day . . . Life is good!

God gave me another day to enjoy.

For my family . . . 

My washers and dryers don't mind doing laundry . . . even if they run and run and run and run . . .

Thankful for new dishtowels and smiled as I was folding them!
(all beautiful and stain free)

Marva's Hearthside Coffee is DELICIOUS and Relaxing.

My children attend a Christian school.

My son Ryan is feeling better today.

The girls in my office tend to everything whether I am there or not.

I am up to date on my Bible Reading for 2011.

I feel great!

Online shopping . . . especially with FREE shipping!

Ugg Slippers to keep my toesies nice and warm.

For Good Friends.

For the opportunity to GIVE to others. Share God's Blessings.

For my Blogs.

For my Bloggy Friends.

God gave me safety and an "idoit" light on the dash of my car letting me know one of my tires was losing air.
(a small piece of wood I hit had put a hole in the inside tire wall)

Technology . . . it generally makes our lives easier
(I said GENERALLY! lol)

Well, it is almost time to pick up Cody from Preschool.

Whatever you do today . . . remember to be thankful!

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Marva said...

I am thankful for so much Julie! I am also thankful for you!

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