Sunday, January 30, 2011


Cody is running a fever again . . . he fell asleep on the couch earlier ~~~ which NEVER happens. Poor little guy just simply doesn't feel good. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help him to feel like himself again in the morning.

Cameron's croup has gotten a bit better. He isn't coughing as much as he was and it isn't tight and seal sounding now. He still is a bit pale, but I can tell a definite improvement in him and know he is feeling better.

Ryan is very stuffed and snotty all at the same time. He coughs and looks puny, but that hasn't stopped him from his mischievousness! If he would just calm down a little bit.

EJ is actually feeling much better. He may cough a little here and there, but for the most part he is doing great.

Katelyn feels lousy now ~~ with cough, headache and stuffy head.

Needless to say, This craziness has hit our home hard and I am ready for it to go away. We aren't the only family hit by all of the germs going around. The schools in the area have been hit very hard and have had much lower attendances the past few weeks.

BIG NEWS in Our Area of the World . . .

A History Making Storm is forming and  NOAA is calling for 12" or more of snow. Blizzard has been mentioned a few times as well. There has also been talk of snow drifts three or four feet high.
We are really excited to see what is in store for us!

We did a bit of disinfecting around the house today. I got out my H2 from Shaklee and added a tiny bit of Germicide from Shaklee as well . . . Take THAT you germies!!! It is always a great idea to wash light switches, door handles, toilet flush handles, phones, remotes and wash blankets and throws. Bed clothes will be stripped down tomorrow or Tuesday. I suppose I should make a list!

Tonight we (Katelyn and I) have watched Worst Cooks in America and are now watching Iron Chef America. We love to watch both of them. Worst Cooks in America REALLY have some people that have NO Clue what to do with anything in the kitchen. Of course, Iron Chef is a totally different story and we can definitely learn from them.

Randy just called down to me and thought we should check Cody's temperature.  He is asleep, but we are still going to try to get an under the arm reading. He refuses to take any meds . . . he spits it out. We may have to put him into tepid water if we can't get anything down him. Glad I had Katelyn pick up some fever meds yesterday from the store . . . If we are going to be snowed in, we need to be prepared...

Official Temperature of Our Little Guy is: 102.4

We have gotten Tylenol down Cody and he is currently hanging out in the BIG tub. His little cheeks are REALLY red and he looks awful.

I hate it when the kids are sick and miserable!

Probably should close . . . I still have my Bible Reading to do.


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