Saturday, January 22, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are just exhausted and cannot do not one more thing?

That is how I feel tonight.

I suppose it is because I didn't go to bed until 3:30 a.m. or so . . . I was engrossed in repairing the operating system (aka Windows 7) on my little 14" XPS. You see, for some reason or another, my computer was blue screening . . . eight times in two days. It was only three days old when it began. I was a bit irritated but bound and determined to fix the situation. I ended up on chat with Dell solutions several times only to reinstall windows, all the drivers and then back on Dell solutions to get the software reinstalled. Finally, it is back up and running . . . but better.

The house is quiet, the candles are lit and we are watching Everybody Loves Raymond, season one, the first episode.

Funny show.

My new Dell XPS 14" Computer. It is great to use while I am chilling out in the family room or library.

This is my tote bag for the XPS.

new accessories for one of the 1/2 baths on the main floor

aren't they interesting? Key replicas.

candle in a jar . . . when lit, there is a beautiful glow  . . . I took pitctures of the glow, but it blurred.

Katelyn and I are enjoying ourselves . . . quiet and relaxing.

How about you?


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