Saturday, January 15, 2011

Questions and Answers

I am sitting here . . . at my computer tonight just listening to the music on my blog. I absolutely love music . . . all types. 

Well, maybe not EVERY type . . . 

Music I Prefer: Christian, Classical , Jazz, Pop, Instrumental, Oldies

Music that drives me crazy: hip hop, R & B, (any and all) metal, reggae, techno

There are times my bloggy readers ask me questions about myself, my kids, being a mom, taking care of a house . . . etc., 

Maybe I can answer a few of those questions so you will know me better . . .  Here goes

1. Where did your nickname JuJu come from? I have to giggle about this one. From the time I could remember, my Mom called me JuJu when I was little. After my nieces were born, one by one they began calling me JuJu or Aunt JuJu and it made a comeback and really stuck! I absolutely love it and my license plate on my car is actually, "JuJu".

2. What is your "signature scent"? My niece Melissa actually "coined this phrase" for me. I have my own "special" scent that no one can seem to replicate . . . which is funny to me. When I give a gift or a little something from my family/my home, my "signature scent" always accompanies it. I can only tell you a few of my favorite things that MUST make up my signature scent as a whole.

Laundry = Dreft liquid, Downy (blue or Lavender), 

Clorox bleach (as needed)

Perfume = Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

Cleaning supplies = Shaklee Green products

Candles = Yankee or Scentsy

3. When do you find free time? Actually, I take free time when I can get it. If that means I have to stay up until midnight to get a few minutes to myself, then that is what I do. It is very important to be able to spend time in God's Word and Prayer . . . sometimes the only time I can get it in is late at night when everyone is in bed and distractions are minimal.

4. How do you find time to get everything done? Honestly, I don't, at least not every single day. I am a wife, mom to five, business owner, daughter, sister . . . you get the picture. There is absolutely no way everything gets done every day, but I do the most I can without exhausting myself or my family. 

Laundry tends to take a lot time . . . a household of seven makes a lot of laundry. I am blessed with two washers and two dryers and I cannot imagine life without them! Believe me . . . they get a workout! I try to get in at least a few loads (four or so) most days to keep from being buried in dirty clothes. Once clothes are washed and dried, I fold or put them on hangers. All of the boys shirts are on hangers and I hang them on their lockers in the mud room for them to hang in their closets. The kids also are expected to put away their folded clothing.

Vacuuming . . . five kids and three dogs call for a lot of vacuuming. We take turns vacuuming the main floor. Katelyn and I vacuum the upstairs and Katelyn vacuums the basement. The same for dust mopping and mopping. I have Miele canister vacuums that are incredible and a Hoover Hard Floor Mate for mopping the hard surface floors.

Dusting . . . EWE!!! I really dislike dusting. However, we do seem to have those little dust bunnies. We use swiffer dusters to make the job really easy. I also have a lovely lady that comes bi-monthly to clean our main floor. 

Business . . . I can work from home via network to our business. I also go into the office several times a week. I am blessed with those options.

5. What hobbies do I enjoy? I like to decorate, read, make one of a kind things for our home and shop. 

6. Who are your favorite Bible teachers? This one is super easy for me . . . BETH MOORE, BETH MOORE & BETH MOORE! I also like to listen/read Lysa Terkeurst and Priscilla Shirer.

7. How are you losing weight? I began the Grace and Strength program with Cyndi Benson Ministries four months ago . . . the program is strict, but the results are amazing.  I have tried every program imaginable without results. In April/May of 2010 I lost 20lbs through an online program and then got stuck and gave up. The last of August, 2010 I began Grace and Strength . . . and have lost about 53 lbs, which could have been more but, (I had a little detour during December . . . called the Christmas Holidays and amazing foods). I am excited to be back on track and I hope to reach my goal in June, 2011. In total, I ended the year 2010 . . . 
73 lbs lighter than I began it. Friends, if I can do it . . . you can! I highly recommend you to check out Cyndi Benson Ministries by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask them in the comments  . . . I will do my best to answer your questions.


Marva said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Loved reading this post! Blessings!

Lindsay said...

A couple of years ago, my friend Becky lost 100 pounds. She recommends a Bible study/workbook called "A Woman of Moderation" by Dee Brestin. Since you said that you like to read, you may want to check ot out. Good job on your 2010 weight loss. I only want to lose 30 pounds, and I'm finding that to be a challenge!

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