Friday, January 28, 2011

Movie, Birthday, Sickness and

This evening Katelyn and I watched Secretariat. 

All I can say is . . .


If you have not watched this movie, you MUST see it!

I am not saying anymore so not to spoil the movie.


Today I took time to unsubscribe from various companies that send me emails all the time. It is amazing how many emails are simply junk! So, I clicked on each one, scrolled to the bottom and either unsubscribed or basically took my email from their listing. It took a while, but boy does it FEEL good . . . and lighter! lol

Would you believe that when you opt out of receiving emails from someone/company they send you an email to tell you that you won't be getting anymore emails from them? Sheesh

Next week will be an exciting week at our house.

Katelyn will be celebrating her 18th birthday on Feb 4.

It is so hard to believe our baby girl is already going to be grown up.

 Well, as grown up as 18 is considered.

Last night we began the story . . .
18 years ago on February 2 . . . you decided it was time to begin making your grand entrance . . .


Katelyn rolled her eyes and said . . . oh no, not again!

You see, she hears this same story at this time every year all the way up to her birthday. I am certain she loves it, but of course she makes it look like she cannot stand to hear it not one more time!

It makes me smile!


Also on or around February 4, a litter of puppies will be born. They are actually due on Katelyn's birthday. 

Mi-Ki puppies


we have pick of the litter for a girl

Yes, you read that right . . .

are you breathing Mom???

This precious furry baby will come home mid April.

We are all so excited.

Oh  yeah, we have decided on a name too.


although, we haven't decided on a middle name . . .

Our Sheltie's name is Kamie Kay.

Our Lhasa's name is Emma Elysse.

Our Mi-Ki's name is Mia Grace.

So, we still have to come up with something to go with Beckett.

Katelyn is feeling a bit lousy this evening . . .her head is filled up and she has a headache.

Ryan has a headache, stuffy nose and cough. He got dizzy earlier.

Cameron is still battling with croup.

EJ seems to be doing pretty good.

Cody has an occasional cough.

Randy is doing well . . . so far.

Me . . . only time will tell. I feel a bit run down, but continue to take immunity boosters and vitamins. Plus I drink plenty of water.

My brother's family has been sick . . . there are seven of them.

My sister's girls have been sick . . . there are three girls.

My other's sisters girls have been sick, there are two girls.

My sister is feeling sick . . . not sure about her husband.

My Mom estimated that out of 15 grandchildren . . . 13 were sick this week . . . and we have not even been together.

Well, the hour is late and I am tired . . .

Have a great sleep!

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Jeanette said...

I hope we all to feeling better soon or I am going to freeze those germs right out of my house! Bill and Abby are both good but Gab and I are happy to have our drugs!!

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