Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I feel as if life is a vicious circle . . .

I do the SAME things day in and day out. 

Wake to the alarm

Push Snooze three or four times

Get out of bed and shuffle into the bathroom

Turn on the shower

Get a towel and wash cloth from the closet


Get dried and dressed

Yell for the boys to get out of bed and get dressed

Begin getting myself together

Tell the boys that someone needs to take the dogs out

Settle an argument or two

Tell the boys to head downstairs for breakfast

Tell Cody to wake up and get dressed

Call the boys upstairs to find out what all of the fussing is about.

Help Cody get dressed

Head downstairs to see what the boys are up to and head out

Tell everyone to get hats, coats, mittens, lunch and homework ready to go

Load up the car 

Take the kids to school

I head to either the office or home . . . depending on the day

The remainder of my day consists of:

laundry, dishes, tidy main floor, let the dogs out, help Cody with a toy, nintendo, wii or a movie

sometimes I chill out on the couch

then there is Bible reading


Then the kids get home from school . . .




more homework

dinner clean up



bath and bed for the kids

quiet for me

maybe watch a movie

maybe hang out on facebook

maybe write on my blog


and in the morning it all begins again

I think I am in a rut!

BTW . . . George, our overnight guest . . .

Well, George was a Pit Bull.

Animal Control picked him up first thing this morning.

I hope George's Mom and Dad came to get him.

If they don't, Pit Bull rescue will be called.

Pit Bulls cannot be adopted in our area.

God watched over our family AND George!

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