Friday, January 28, 2011

Life in Pictures

Since the boys have been home, I took time to tidy my desk and hang a small bulletin board.

Isn't it cute? A framed wine cork, cork board, with little grape embellishments.

The light was a little bright, but I managed to snap this photo of a lantern and little message in a frame.

the "Nintendo" drawer . . . I usually tidy it three times a week . . . nice, huh?

a nice tall cup of diet coke on ice . . . all mine

This is Emma . . . she confiscated a bowl of beef a roni from the table and now had an orange ring around her face. She was groomed on Wednesday. Nice . . .

Once again, I am home with sick children. Cold, flu, strep throat, influenza, etc. is going around the schools like mad! I have mentioned to a few people that I firmly believe the school should take a few snow days to try and stop the "sharing" of germs between the kids and staff at school. It is a never ending vicious circle. I may keep my kids home until next Wednesday or so . . . just depends on what the situation is like at school.

Being home has its advantages . . .

nothing is pressing that needs done

no deadlines to meet

plenty of time to read, blog, facebook or internet

all the coffee a person can drink

no school clothes to wash

new illness are less likely to come home

we can have a movie day . . . except it seems that we ONLY watch kid shows

Of course, there are the NEGATIVE things too . . .

the kids fuss with one another

there isn't much quiet time

the house takes more abuse because the kids are home

we save gas . . .   by not going anywhere

germs still run amuck

peeps step on one another's nerves . . . sometimes it is the last nerve

a person can get to feeling donsey . . . just kind of blah and not want to do anything

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