Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let Me Introduce You . . . This is George!

Do you ever have a weird kind of day?

One of those days when you just aren't sure what will happen next?

That was my day today.

First, I want to introduce you to George . . .

Isn't George beautiful?

The boys notice George outside on our  front porch early this evening. Apparently, George was lost and decided that our house was the PERFECT respite from his situation.

George is the name that I gave him . . .  from the Bugs Bunny show. Here is a clip:

We tried to find George's Mommy and Daddy but did not have any luck. The telephone number on his tag was not a valid number. I called my brother in law to see what he advised . . . he is a Sheriff  Detective. I then called the Sheriff's department  and they contacted Animal Control.   It wasn't long before my telephone rang it was an AC guy and he was very nice. He thanked us for taking in the dog and for keeping him safe, warm, fed and watered. I gave him the information on his tag and he asked the year on his tag . . . apparently, the dog has had his vaccinations and he appears to be well cared for. We chatted for a few minutes and he said that if the owners called in, he would let me know so we could arrange for them to come get him. So  far we haven't heard from them . . . which means the AC guy will be here at 8:00 a.n. to pick up George.

George is VERY lovable, cuddly and thinks he is a ""lap"' dog.
That might be true, it is just SEVERAL laps!!!
I think George thinks he is a chihuahua.

Emma does not like George! I tried to introduce Emma and George . . . Emma tried to nip George's nose . . .

Emma was naughty.

George simply backed up and looked at Emma like   . . .
HEY ~~~ what was that for?

Needless to say, George's stay at JuJu's Bed N Bark is in the garage. He has bedding, food, water and a heater.

George is comfy. We have checked on him several times.

George LOVES cheese.

George LOVES to give kisses.

George seems to be a BIG baby!

I really like George and will be a bit sad to see him go.

I am quite sure George has a lovely family that LOVES him.

Don't get me wrong, I am fond of George already . . .

I feel that we are doing good by those pets that find our home a respite to their being lost. I am proud of my children that they too have a "love" for animals . . . a special place in their hearts. Katelyn actually went out onto the front porch and introduced herself to George. It wasn't long before Katelyn had George on a leash and was bringing him inside . . . that's MY girl!

Katelyn even took George for a walk to try and find where he lived . . . wait a minute, that isn't quite right . . .
George took Katelyn for a walk to try and find where he lived! However, they both struck out. I was following along in my car . . . just to make sure hey were safe... When all efforts were exhausted, Kateyn and George got into my car (George took up 3/4 of the backseat) and his head was right next to mine and I was driving! I turned my head slightly and got a big o' slippery kiss!
Thanks a lot George!

We have "rescued" several dogs that come to our home, BUT there is something I don't understand . . .

Why do they always seem to come to our house?

Do we have a Flashing Neon Fire Hydrant in our front yard?


Jeanette said...

He looks really cute! I'm sure his family is sad that he is missing. I hope that he has a microchip on him. It makes it so much easier to find his family :}

Mimi said...

I hope that he is home where he belongs soon! He looks like a very good boy.I'm so happy that you are helping him. He is very lucky to have found you!
We have had several lost dogs come to our house, too. I think that they can smell the other dogs and know that it is a good place-just like your home is.
God bless you!

Jenny said...

I hope he made it back to his owner. He sure was a cutie. I still don't see the pit the animal guy was talking about, he looks pure lab to me???

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