Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just a Normal Day

The boys are totally enthralled with wii Star Wars. 
(Sorry for the poor quality picture . . . the room was dark.)
Yes, that is a light sabor!
and Cody One Canobeee! (spelling isn't right, I am sure)

We received a few inches of snow . . . I didn't measure it, but it looked like about three. Tonight we are to get blowing and drifting. 
The temperature is 25 degrees, but with the wind chill it feels like 16 degrees.

Ryan has been home from school yesterday and today. He had a fever, headache and sore throat. His tummy wasn't the best, but he didn't throw up. Praise the Lord!!!
He will be going back to school in the morning.
He is supposed to be getting his make up work completed, but he doesn't quite see the importance of it because he simply isn't getting it done.

After we picked Cody up and had lunch, I made both boys (and myself) lay down and take a nap. It was wonderful! The dogs even joined in!

Once the other kids arrived home, I had them lay down as well. The fireplace had a nice fire in it and it was so cozy! They didn't fuss with me about it and I actually think 
they just might have enjoyed it a little!

I need to close for now . . . laundry is ready to be folded.
The good news . . . I almost have the laundry done (once again).
The bad news . . . the kids haven't had their baths yet, which means
their dirty clothes and towels will be headed to the laundry room within the hour.
The good news . . . "job" security!
(as if a Mom needs THAT job!) lol

1 comment:

Marva said...

Yes, I have decided there will always be number of dirty clothes! LOL

A nap....I got one of those yesterday too, while the boys were down. School is out again here today. Third day in a row. Ice and snow everywhere. It still looks like a winter wonderland. The sun is out but it is only 20* right now. Maybe things will start drying out a little today. The closest place that has milk/bread is 9 miles away. Many folks around here are running out of things. We are still good for now.


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