Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching Up on a Sunday

The skies are dreary once again . . .

It is definitely WINTER in Central, Illinois.

Our day has been consumed with chores. There have been plenty of things to keep our little tribe busy yesterday and today.

Randy and his helper Rick laid stair carpeting to our basement yesterday. It came out beautiful!
I am so proud of them!
Thanks guys!!!

A few years ago, Randy renovated one of our 1/2 baths
on the main floor. A life with four little boys can wreak havoc on ANY bathroom . . . and they did.
Randy began sanding the walls and filling the little divits, scrapes and little nail holes in the walls to get the walls ready for paint. He removed the vanity, mirror, pictures . . . all but the stool (which will come out last) then he can paint behind there as well. We are changing the color . . . and will post photos when the task is done.

The boys are watching Despicable Me . . . 
which is a REALLY cute movie! It makes me laugh. There are so many cute little phrases in the movie, such as . . . "yes, I have pins and needles that I am sitting on!"

This post is going to be short . . .
laundry calls.

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Marva said...

Can't wait to see pics! Stay warm and safe! Oh me, laundry.....don't remind me! LOL

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