Sunday, January 30, 2011


The NOAA Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WATCH for our area . . . well, actually most of the state!



So far, the total accumulations are estimated at 12" - 20"

Katelyn went to the store for us yesterday to pick up those "things" that we need. 

We are certainly

glad to have that taken care of as from what I here  . . . it is crazy out there.

I didn't plan to send the kids to school on Monday as there is a lot of sickness going around the 

school a few days home will definitely help them regain some immunity support. Plenty of

vitamins for everyone!

We were abruptly awakened this morning by our four year old . . . in our bed. You know that 

sound that a child makes just before they throw up? Yeah, I thought you did!

Anyway, In one swoop (from laying down) I had Cody scooped up and what seemed like not

even touching the floor I had him out of our bed and in front of the toilet just in time.

Randy said, he has never seen me move that quickly from a dead sleep . . . he said my feet 

didn't even touch the floor.

He seems to be doing better now . . . but is cold.

In fact, he had a very loose tooth and he allowed me to pull it out.

He is very happy.

Well, I should figure out dinner for everyone . . . 

Randy brought fried chicken home for  lunch and there are still plenty of left overs.

(no, I didn't have any . . . in fact, I became irritated when the deliciousness of the chicken was

mentioned over and over by my husband and daughter . . . yes, they were rubbing it in!)

I left the table with my salad and ate alone.

I felt they were being a bit mean and it wasn't needed.

I could smell the chicken and they knew it was one of my favorite things.

It will be a struggle NOT to grab a big ol' piece of friend chicken and devour it.

Praying God will see me through!

Family . . . I love them, but sometimes they just don't get it!

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Jeanette said...

Was it Andys chicken? If it was and you didnt have any, you did great! I could down a whole bucket of their chicken!! Hope Cody gets to feeeling better and no one else gets it!

Snow day snow day we need some snow days!

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