Monday, January 17, 2011

a Blah kind of day and Prayer Requests

Tonight as I write I am watching Iron Chef America. Bobby Flay is competing and it doesn't look good for  him . . . his sous chef really didn't help him much. You could see that he was getting a bit irritated with her.
Verdict just in on Bobby Flay . . . he lost to the challenger . . . I have rarely seen that! Whew!


Please pray for a friend of our family . . .

David A. has been admitted to the hospital for gallstones. He was in the ER earlier and they sent him home . . . he is now admitted for possible surgery tomorrow. His wife is a nurse on the surgery floor and is with him. Please pray for David as he is in a lot of pain and also for the doctors to make informed decisions concerning David's care. Also pray for the family during this stressful time.

The other evening I asked you to pray for a few people . . . 

Joanna  . . . the young Mom that had a stroke. The swelling in her brain has decreased since they gave her a paralytic to stop brain function so her brain would heal. Her husband Toben was praising God for answered prayer concerning the swelling. 

There has been no update on little Jada . . . at least to my knowledge.

Another prayer request for a little lady . . . her name is Bethany and she has Cystic Fibrosis. Bethany received a Nova Lung today during surgery. She is only the second person to ever have an artificial lung transplanted into her body. So far things look good since her surgery this afternoon.

Tomorrow is hair appointment day for myself, Randy and Katelyn. The boys all had great haircuts last month and since we have them cut short, they can usually skip a month in between haircuts.

Last night I was able to spend 35 minutes on the treadmill. It was me, Lucy and Ethel . . . I put on an I Love Lucy video and the time flew by. It felt really good!

I really don't have anything left in my brain tonight . . . sorry, I know the post tonight was a bit blah.

Hopefully I will have a bit more to write about tomorrow..

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Marva said...

Praying for those mentioned! Blessings to you!

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