Saturday, January 1, 2011

Are you Ready?

Are you Ready to Begin Reading Through 
The Bible in ONE YEAR? 

Let's get going!!!

I started a blog just for the Bible in One Year . . . you can either click on the little tab at the top of my posts OR click HERE and that link will take you to Reading Through the Bible with JuJu.

(for those new to my blog . . . my nickname has been JuJu for years!)


Marva said...

Yes!!!! I decided to do this too! Blessings!

Marva said...

Here's to you sweet friend! Many blessings on you in 2011!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful goal! Unfortunately, I know before starting that I would fail pretty quickly... I always start to skip pages once we get to family lines...

12-arrows said...

I just finished reading the bible through in 90 days! it actually took me 98 but I made it! awesome adventure and one I'll more than likely do every year! I truly miss it each morning and am looking for something to keep me in the word!

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