Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almost at 600 Posts

Hey ya'll . . .

o.k. so I am not a southern gal

but I love the accent!

Tonight we are babysitting Mom and Dad's dog JC.

Here is a photo:

O.k. so she didn't want her photo taken and wouldn't look at me when I had the camera in  my hand. JC is a wiener dog and we love her. She has come for a sleep over tonight with my girls . . .

Kamie our Sheltie

Mia our Mi-Ki

Emma  our Lhasa Apso . . .  she is smiling!

I am waiting for Katelyn to come upstairs from her shower so we can watch NCIS. Tonight is usually a pretty good night of television. Right now I am watching Biggest Loser.

I am also bleaching a sink of white clothes . . .

Katelyn helped to wash them, which was great and a big help . . .

except that there was a burgundy cami wrapped inside a white towel that went into the hot water of the washer and turned all of the clothing PINK. She was mortified! So, I hope the Clorox will do its job and whiten up those pink clothes. I am quite certain the boys would shy away from the pink underwear they now have. (although it is funny!)

Tonight is supposed to get VERY cold. Down to 14 degrees, but it will feel like 5 degrees. Deep Freeze!

Well ya'll . . . 

Time to say goodnight!

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