Monday, January 31, 2011


The Weather Peeps are Busy, Busy, Busy trying to predict the next large storm that has begun its reign across the Midwest.
One of our local meteorologists has been keeping track of this storm since Saturday or before. She is on bed rest, expecting her second baby. So far, her predictions to the weather have been right on target. The scary part is what is to come . . .
the prediction for snow accumulation is . . .

14" - 20" OR MORE

In my lifetime, I have never experienced a winter storm like this one is gearing up to be! They are calling it a Historical Winter Storm and Central Illinois is under a BLIZZARD WARNING.

Schools in the area and surrounding have already closed for Tuesday and I am quite certain . . . will also be closed on Wednesday and possibly Thursday depending on 
the severity of the storm.

Local grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Menards, CVS, Walgreens, etc. were all extremely busy as people prepare for what is to come with this storm. The scary thing about this storm is the possibility of no electricity for so many people. We are praising God that we have a generator that is large enough to power our entire house. Our family knows that if electricity goes out they are all welcome to come here and stay. Plenty of food and fun here . . . well, plus the chances of getting some kind of gucka yucka that seems to be going around our house. Isn't it just like us to SHARE!?!

So now for a bit of catch up . . .

Remember that big ol' list of To Do's that I had for today?

Well . . .

THAT didn't happen! It wasn't for lack of trying, it was just that . . . well, to put it bluntly . . . it looked like something out of an 
I LOVE LUCY show. Not Kidding!!!

I decided that I should go outside and around to the back garage and pull the Dixie Chopper (riding lawn mower) out of the garage and get it brought around to our garage because we would need it to plow the drive, walks, etc. I had on a sweatshirt and jeans, but chose not to put on a coat . . . I know you are wondering why I would go outside without a coat for goodness sake! Well,  I didn't want to wear one of my nice ones out to move around a mower. 
So I didn't put one on.

Anyway, I opened the garage and climbed onto the chopper. I pulled out the choke and turned the key. She started right up! I was thrilled and thought . . . this is going to be pretty easy.


First, I want you to get a picture of what this thing actually looks like. Are you ready?

I know . . . it kind of looks like a Moon Rover or something!

Girls, I gotta tell you . . . this mower was NOT designed by a woman! How do I know that??? Well, for one thing there isn't a steering wheel . . . only these lever handle things that you move in and out, push forward and backward to steer with!

TO THINK LIKE THAT!!! I am not kidding.

Before I continue, I want you to know the yard work is Randy's job, not mine. I have seasonal allergies that are really aggravated if I do yard work . . . especially weeding or mowing. So . . . I have never really had the opportunity to drive the chopper. 

Well, the snow/ice began falling so I felt I could help out Randy by bringing up the chopper. Once I got the chopper started I began to back up . . . well, I went a little forward first and then I tried to go backward . . . I figured out the plow blade lift and lifted it after I was far enough back from what I could have hit with it had I lifted it. The chopper seemed to move hard and wouldn't stop shifting to the left. I got off of the crazy thing to take a look see if I could figure  out what the problem was. After a few minutes I did . . .

Would you believe that crazy thing had TWO FLAT front tires? I looked around the garage for a compressor and compressor hose with tire air nozzle so I could simply air them up and move on. Do you think I could find one of those doo hickey things in the garage?
Of course not! So, I trudged back up the hill to check out the garage that we park our cars in. JACKPOT!!! I found a portable compressor, hose and tire air nozzle! I picked up the unit - weighed between 20 and 30 lbs, and headed back to the other garage. Once inside the garage I had to locate a wall receptacle to plug it into. Finally I found that and turned the unit on. It filled with air so then I filled both tires with air, shut off the compressor, loaded it onto the chopper and began backing out of the garage.

That baby is HARD to steer!

Imagine Lucy Ricardo on a tractor that she had never driven . . . take off the steering will and add oars . . .
that is pretty much how ridiculous it was . . .watching me try to get that mower from the back to the front over ice and snow from the last storm. At one point I killed the engine and heard Katelyn laughing. Would you believe she was watching me from the bathroom window? Well, she was.

Now that I know, I probably won't have any problem if I need to take care of moving the crazy thing the next time.

I finally got the chopper parked on the drive in front of Katelyn's garage door and went to get the keys to the pick up so I could go and get gas. Katelyn put the gas can in the pick up bed and then I headed out to get gas in the pick up and the can. HOLY MOLEY . . . the  gas stations were packed. So I waited my turn and then filled up the truck and gas can . . . then I returned home.

I guess I am turning into my sister Jeanette . . . she takes care of almost everything at her house  . . . inside and out! She rocks!

Next on the list . . . get gas in MY car. So, I asked if anyone wanted to ride along and Cameron offered to go with me. Then all three of my dogs decided they were going too! Off we went to the gas station and then to Burger King to get Happy Meals for the boys, a Parmesan/Italian chicken sandwich for Katelyn and cheeseburgers for the dogs. I had a salad from home.

By the time I got home the snow was falling pretty good, but the real BIG storm won't arrive until tomorrow.

Tonight Cody had a horrible fever of 103.9 . . . we gave him Tylenol and a tepid bath before we headed off to Urgent Care. Well, when we got there UC was closing withing ten minutes, so we ended up in the Emergency room.  The doc was wonderful and a mom herself . . . she diagnosed Cody with non specific virus although she did test him for strep (which came back negative with the rapid test) and also tested him for influenza . . . no result back on that yet. He was prescribed an antibiotic as she said the strep cultures have been coming back positive and wanted to start him a three day course just in case. I am so thankful I took him instead of second guess myself! I am relieved that I took him . . . even though we really don't know much more than we did . . . other than rapid strep test was negative, his lungs are clear, his ears are fine, etc.

While we were waiting for the strep results to come back, we put one of the chairs in the room in front of the door so Cody could people watch. He had sat quietly for about 20 or so minutes when a nurse lady came by and told us, "You can't be in the doorway, that chair cannot be there it is against fire code regulations." I told her that Cody was bored and we were just "people" watching. Again she told me that we couldn't do that because it was against fire code regulations. The crazy thing . . . the room is just that . . . a room. There is no other doors in the room but that one. There was no one else in the room. Cody was sitting on a chair in the doorway of the room with his feet in the doorway facing the hall. If there was a fire, all we would have to do is simply stand up and walk . . . we were already at the hallway. In any event, I apologized and told the woman nurse that we didn't mean to cause any trouble, Cody was simply bored and it was a bit difficult to keep a four year old entertained for a long time in one of the exam rooms. She smiled and told us that she would get him something to color. Before she came back, the nurse guy came in and signed us out. The lady nurse came in with suckers to give to Cody, but of course I had to be difficult once more and ask if there was a label for the candy so we could be sure he was not eating anything that had been manufactured around nuts or tree nuts with his severe allergy. Bless her heart, she actually went and got the original box to check for us. The suckers were o.k.!!! At first I thought she was going to really rip at us, but kindness and a smile paved the way for her to reciprocate with kindness and a smile.

Cody was a trooper and even got a sticker and 
sucker for being such a good boy.

We left the ER and went out to the car . . . it was covered in ice. After a few minutes the car warmed and the ice melted so we headed to the pharmacy and then home.

The day has been really long AND very unexpected . . . remember, I wrote about that this morning, but thought I KNEW what my day today would hold. HA! Like that is EVER going to Happen!

I am hoping for some really good sleep tonight as I haven't slept well for the past few and it is catching up with me.

I Pray the kids will start feeling better so we can actually enjoy being snowed in by a blizzard!


Mimi said...

What an adventure!
You are so right, men just don't think the way we do. Women should have the final say on everything made!
I hope that you have a nice snow day with the kids.

Natalie said...

Loved this short article! The Chopper part was HILARIOUS!! Makes me wish that i lived by you so if my power goes out...the boys and I could "chill" at your house! Hope your little guy gets better soon....

We have been through the high fever here too! Its horrible!

Marva said...

Wow! Juju the farm girl! Awesome! A little more practice and you'll be ready for a roadtrip to Hazelrig's Farm! ;)

I do hope and pray EVERYONE is on their way to the land of the healed!:) Hope you got some rest last night and ya'll stay safe during the blizzard! Love you!

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