Thursday, December 30, 2010


Words like nun chuck, the force, you are a REAL Jedi now and WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH are in the air tonight at our house. Ryan and Cody are playing Star Wars on Wii.

There are light sabers, concentration on faces and lost of OH NOs and AWWWWWWE coming from the family room.

Here are a few pictures:

They are really funny to listen to while they are playing wii.

"I am Darth Vader"

"I am YOUR Father"


"Who AM I?"

"Luke Skywalker"


(conversation between 8 year old Ryan and 4 year old Cody)

Now, I understand a little bit of this conversation, however being a "Mom" I am not totally up on the Star Wars facts, nor am I totally up on all of the ins and outs of the wii. I did find out where to put the batteries in the remotes though! lol

Earlier Katelyn and I played a few games on the wii . . . of which she beat me every time. Is there such a thing as being too old for wii? I don't think I have ever beat her in a game of wii cooking yet!

My other two boys are upstairs with Daddy. Movies have been playing upstairs all night. Plus they had pizza and popcorn. It seems like a Friday night.

Well, the Jedi are still at it, so I guess I should go in and watch all of their "moves"! It really IS entertaining!


Jeanette said...

Bill has a shirt that says "Darth Vador was framed!". I love the Wii but will never get Bill to agree to buying one....

Marva said...

Santa brought us a Wii! We have not had much time to enjoy it yet though...hopefully this weekend! ;)

What fun the boys are having at your house with theirs! Blessings!

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