Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WHEW . . . What a Day!

The title pretty much says it all!

Whew! What a Day it has been!

I am really tired tonight . . . down to my toe bones!

This morning after dropping the boys off at school, I headed into the office. I had a little bit of work to finish up and there were a few questions for me about inventory. Took care of that and then headed to pick up Cody from preschool.

Once at home, there was lunch to get . . . homemade chili was requested by Cody, so I happily heated it up for him.

Katelyn arrived home a not long after . . . exams for the day were done and she was able to take the rest of the afternoon off.

Our supplies to make Magical Reindeer Dust came in  . . . so Katelyn and I put it all together. They are going to be so cute! I am waiting for some Christmas fabric squares to come in - hopefully tomorrow  and then they will be ready for those special deliveries. We are going to take them to little people's houses, place the jar of Magical Reindeer Dust at the door and RUN! Well, maybe not run, but definitely get out of there! I will post pictures of the finished projects when they are all done.

Presents for teachers and the kids' drawn child are all ready to take to school. The kids are going to take them all tomorrow. It took a while to get everything bagged or wrapped for the kids.

Friday the kids will get out of school early after their parties to begin their Christmas Vacation. I think they are all ready for a bit of time off. 

The gifts for the "special" family began arriving today. Hopefully tomorrow and Saturday the remainder will be delivered so I can get them wrapped and delivered to the person that is going to deliver to the family. I certainly hope they have a great Christmas.

Well, I am ready to say g'night.

Sleep Well,

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

I'm thinkin' the snow has put a little dent in your "ring and run" plan! Sound like you are going to have fun though :}

You did get some snow right?!

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