Tuesday, December 7, 2010



(The answer to my maid question.)

Three of my boys came straight through the door and I stopped them in their tracks. Of course, they didn't even SEE my Maid note. I instructed them to go back out the door, STOP READ and FOLLOW what the note tells them.


WELL . . .

Not exactly!

They did put away their coats, shoes, hats, mittens and book bags.

Then they began running around like crazy people.

Once again I stopped them.

Garbage needs out . . .

of course all four of them came running to help me with the garbage . . . right?


I called to them again, but they were too busy jumping across our sectional in the family room . . . which is a No-No!

Can I say BUSTED?!?!?!

Three little boys sitting and they were NOT very happy about it either. I know, I know they can't have any fun! lol

One by one I got them busy with the chores that needed to be finished before Daddy got home.

One of my boys took out all four bags of garbage. (Yes, we have four built in garbage cans in our kitchen. With a large family it is a must!)

One of the boys began putting away the toys that I "rescued" from under the family room sectional.

The third I asked to vacuum under our breakfast bar stools. I asked him a few times to get the job done quickly as Daddy would be home and I wanted it all done. Of course, this child DIDN'T WANT to vacuum the floor under the breakfast bar stools and lollied around. I finally just sent him to time out rather than get more frustrated with him for not taking care of the chore I asked him to do.

I took care of the remainder of the vacuuming within a few minutes and switched out the laundry. Phew, it was a long day and my body is letting me know I did a bit too much for one day.

I finally baked Randy's Birthday cake . . . his birthday was December 2 and he was 52 years old. I baked the cake and Katelyn decorated it. Then we both loaded on the candles . . . Whew!!! I don't think I have EVER lit so many candles at once! The heat from the candles was like a mini bonfire!!! lol We could have roasted marshmallows over the candles! We all sang a round of Happy Birthday to Daddy and he blew and blew to get the candles all blown out! There was certainly a lot of smoke afterward! ha ha

Happy Birthday Handsome!

The boys were all excited about the cake and frosting . . . cinnamon swirl cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. Randy liked it too. I was very happy that everyone enjoyed our evening.

Dessert first and then Monical's Pizza . . . I had a salad with roast turkey and tomatoes.

Ryan is watching Home Alone . . . perfect movie for this time of year! Although I have warned him NOT to try to ride a sled down the stairs! I should mention that he did try to ride a laundry basket down the stairs a  month or two ago. I caught him before he actually tried!

Well, that is about it for tonight.

Have a great sleep.

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I was right! Just had to comment :}

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