Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As I write this evening I am sitting in my hubs' favorite chair with my feet up . . . and have hijacked his little MacBook Air (I just thought I SHOULD) test it out. I decided it was time to take a few minutes to chillax (cross between chilling and relaxing) in the Master bedroom sitting/a.m. kitchen/ chillaxing room. I realize as I sit here that I definitely don't spend nearly enough time in this room! Chillaxing is quite a word that I made up . . . or at least I thought I made it up. Of course, Katelyn just let me know that chillaxing is actually a word/phrase that has been used for quite some time. How dare she burst my bubble!!! 

Yesterday and today our household have been digging in . . . digging into the bedrooms to tidy, organize and purge toys that aren't played with any longer. I let Cameron and EJ direct me, for the most part, concerning the toys they didn't play with and the ones they wanted to keep. We had quite a pile I must say!

After several hours in Cameron and EJ's room, I moved on to the "chillaxing" room and master bedroom. I hung a cute little Sticks and Stones lettering picture (it only took me three or four times to get it in the right spot and I even used a level! ~ that isn't saying much for my carpenter skills is it?)

I have a turkey in my slow cooker . . . it is an 8-10 lb one - so it is little . . . I plan to let it cook until the meat falls from the bone and then make a pot of chili with the turkey. Yummo!

Tomorrow we should be able to finish up our "honey do" list. We only have a few areas of the house to finish up. The basement needs attention  . . . toys need put away, the built in library/video cabinet needs dusting as does the family room, hall and mud room. Cody's room needs organized, dusted, mopped and the bed stripped. Ryan's room was done today with the exception of stripping his bed. 
We will finish the upstairs by cleaning the hall and staircase.

What did we do today?

Five hours of today was spent cleaning EJ and Cameron's room ~ organizing toys, dusting, mopping, tidying the closet and purging.

The Master bedroom and chillaxing/a.m. kitchen was cleaned thoroughly. The bed was stripped and remade. Toys were found (Cody's and put away). 

The Master bath was cleaned.

The boys' bath was cleaned.

The main floor was tidied.

Dishes were done.

Laundry was started up.

The foyer was mopped.

Of course, we have been busy de-Christmasing the entire house.

Tomorrow should be a little lighter in the work detail!


Jeanette said...

That sounds like my yesterday! I was overwhelmed to the point of tears and the dog pooping in the house put me over the edge!! Today has been more relaxing (I went to work!). Laundry is done, Christmas stuff put away and the house is clean...until tomorrow :} BTW, I have a pair of socks that I believe is one of your boys'. They aren't the same size but were left on Friday so I know they are yours. I'll drop them by the next time I am in Pekin. Love you!!

Eydie Kugler said...

Hi Julie,

I saw you comment on The food allergy mama's blog and I wanted to stop by and say HI. My daughter has food allergies and I believe it so important for us to educate others and to stick by each one another. I listed your blog under by "inspirations". Stop by and visit sometime.

A healthy and happy New year to you and your family

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