Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today in the Arctic Tundra

I certainly feel that we are living in the Arctic Tundra!

Right now the temp is 15 degrees, but feels like ZERO!

Tonight, by 2 O'clock it will be six degrees and feel like MINUS 13.

Winter Weather has definitely arrived!

Our day was spent with this chore or that . . . Regardless of the weather, we still have chores. Praise the Lord we don't live on a farm and have to tend to cows, chickens and pigs!

Beside chores, we stayed busy with Legos, the movie Christmas in Connecticut ~~~ Love that movie!!! The kids were watching Christmas specials on television.

Put the final touches on some special gifts that will be delivered this week. They look awesome! Let me tell you . . . wrapping baby dolls that poop are really nerve racking! Ribbon made it look so much better! EJ and Cameron helped me . . . enough said.

Closing for tonight .  .  . must tend some laundry.

Stay warm and safe.

I shopped for two nieces birthdays . . . it was grueling! lol (online)

Paid bills

Tidied my desk . . . again.

Randy degunkified my one of our dishwashers that was not draining correctly.

Wrote out a few more Christmas Cards.

Submitted my Schwan's order for this week.

Katelyn baked these beauties  . . . 

The kids are hoping for no school tomorrow . . . me, not so much!

School will be out for Christmas Vacation soon enough.

BY THE WAY . . .



Mimi said...

Enjoy the snow! It is 80 degrees here today.

Marva said...

Oh my! The pies look delish! Great job Katelyn!

It was 30* here today with flurries! Too bad they all melted! 13* tonight! And we do have cows and dogs to tend to! :) Want to come help? Love you Juju!


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