Sunday, December 19, 2010

TODAY At Our House and a Prayer Request

Today was a little more laid back in our home than it has been the past several days. Movies were showing as the kids played. I drank coffee as I wrapped gifts . . . many of you are wondering, 

"How in the world are you wrapping gifts with the boys in the house?"

Well, they are staying pretty busy but as the gifts are being placed under and around the tree, their curiosity grows. I have challenged them . . . go ahead and look for your name . . . you won't find it! I continue to place a secret code on each gift. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. Oldest to the youngest. Of course, I know that next year I will have to be much more inventive with my "secret code" as they will figure it out if I continue on with the one from this year.

This evening I sat down and wrote up a grocery list. I really loathe that job and try to order as much online as possible. Grocery store visits are on the top of my "DISLIKE" list.

I am currently reading THE MAX LUCADO CHRISTMAS COLLECTION. The book features three lovely stories within the cover of one book:

An Angel's Story

The Christmas Candle

The Christmas Child

I am currently reading An Angel's Story and it is totally amazing!!! I can't wait to get all the way through it ~~~ even though I know the Story of the Birth of Jesus from the Bible! I am certain Max Lucado offers a bit of a "different" story when told by An Angel.

I would like to ask you all to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for a little family in Ohio that is expecting to give birth to a baby boy before the end of this month. The baby has a birth defect and the family has decided to place this baby for adoption. The family they had chosen to adopt their baby has decided to step away from this adoption leaving the birth family searching frantically for a family to adopt their precious baby. Such a hard decision for these dear parents. Randy and I have inquired about this little guy and have written a letter to the family. There are currently several families that have contacted them and they have not made a decision as to the family they choose. Please PRAY this family will allow God to lead them to the family that is PERFECT for their baby boy. The time in which they have to make a decision concerning the baby is extremely close as they want the adoptive family at the hospital when he is born. My heart breaks for them in this decision that will affect them for the remainder of not only their lives, but also the life of their son. Whatever their decision is, please Pray God's Supreme Protection for the baby and wisdom for the adoptive family.

The hour is growing late and I want to get in a bit more reading. Be safe, sleep well and be blessed!


Marva said...

I like the code names, that is too cute!

I will be praying for the family but most inportantly the baby. May God show them the right family for this precious one! Praying for you and Randy too, sweet friend!


Mimi said...

I am praying and have faith that our Lord will find the right family to love and raise this precious baby. God bless you!

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