Friday, December 31, 2010


Central Illinois had it's share of STRANGE weather to end the year with. Just last week we were freezing and received EIGHT plus inches of snow on Christmas EVE. We were SO excited!!! 

We had MAJOR snow for December and the boys went outside to play . . . they built a fort out of HUGE snowballs. That night it began to rain and the temperatures started to rise. The snow and ice were melting and as it slid off of our roof and gutters we heard it fall. We were quite amazed to wake up yesterday morning to very little snow . . . all that remained in our yard was the snowball fort the boys had made. During the night, we had a thunderstorm . . . lightning and plenty of rumbles.

Today, we woke to nice temps . . . in fact I believe it reached the 50 degree area! CRAZY stuff!

Anyway, the clouds began darkening and the sirens began blowing . . . Tornado Warnings on this last day of 2010. Yep, 2010 went out with a BANG! We had torrential rain during the warning. After about 45 minutes I came upstairs and looked out the back window of the kitchen. This is what I saw:

Very heavy fog rising off of the lake . . .  it was amazing!

And just because I am SO excited that my Christmas Cactus is blooming . . . a beautiful photo! I love that it is red, white and has purple in it too!

I doubt we will stay up to ring in 2011 . . . most years we do, however we have been Winter cleaning (kind of like spring cleaning, but in the winter) our home. Today we cleaned Cody's room . . . it was dusted, vacuumed and damp mopped (wood floor). The toys were organized (once again), sorted and purged. Cody decided that he will donate quite a few toys to someone. Not to worry though, he has plenty!

I dust mopped once again through the upstairs this afternoon. I wanted to get Ryan's room dust mopped as well, but he had quite a few clothes he needed to get put away and also had to strip his bed.

Laundry will be on the agenda tomorrow and then before the end of the weekend, the main floor baths and the basement will be cleaned. It will be so nice to send the kids back to school with the house all "winter cleaned" . . .  I am sure the house is going to do a happy dance!

Well, I am tired and my back is screaming to lay down for a bit.

Whatever you and yours do to ring in 2011 . . .

Be Safe

Be Joyful

Be Thankful


Be Blessed


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