Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Happenings

The skies are darkening as the minutes tick by. The weather service is calling for a Winter Advisory for our area . . . although accumulation predictions are varied depending on who you listen to. We are excited and are anticipating snow . . . we can't wait!

I need to begin wrapping gifts for Christmas ~ for my kids. I have some gifts here to wrap and others at the office. I am just not in the mood to wrap them today. Today I feel like staying in my jammies and watching movies . . . all day. Of course, that won't get things done that should be done around the house . . . just don't know if I want to accomplish it all today. Decisions, Decisions!

I have been having problems with Windows Internet Explorer . . . the crazy thing locks up and has been terribly slow on some days. Frustrating comes to mind!!! So, today I downloaded the Google Chrome browser and so far I like it and it runs much more smoothly!!! Woo Hoo!

Three of the boys are playing with Legos ~~~ the foyer has been converted into Lego Central.

Legos are Favorite toys at our house and the imaginations soar! Three of the boys with their various sets all using their imagination at once! As I write, I listen to their conversations . . . I feel like a tiny fly on the wall and smile as they design together.

The son that is missing from the photos is busy making restitution for some damage he caused in his sisters room last evening when he was supposed to be taking a few items to her room. The child decided to partially paint his fingernails with her nail polish and then spill it on her bed clothes, which of course are now ruined. Then said child painted her bedroom wall with eye liner. Thankfully, our Shaklee H2 cleaner took the eye liner off the wall without leaving a stain.

Which leads me to this little quote from James Dobson, "If you have boys and don't know what they are doing at ALL times . . . you deserve what you get!" How true this statement is! Even though I instructed the child to simply take something to Katelyn's room, the child found enough time to make mischief and in the process ruining something. The only thing I wonder . . . when will this season in our lives end . . . the little boy destruction phase??? Standing back and assessing that question . . . we still have SEVERAL years to endure the season of recklessness, mischief making and yes, sometimes even destruction. Praise God for Mercy!

Katelyn has gone to Hobby Lobby for a few things and I will be tending laundry and possibly baking some cookies. Who knows what the day will hold.

Whatever you find yourself doing, have a great day.

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