Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday has Turned into Tuesday

As I write, Monday has turned into Tuesday . . . it is after midnight and everyone has gone to bed some time ago. Tonight my mind is whirling at the day we had . . .it is tough for me to go to bed tonight as I am wide awake.

I have some wonderful news concerning the little baby boy that is due to be born within a week now. We learned today that the birth family chose an adoptive family that will be there when the baby is born. They live within  thirty minutes of the hospital and will be meeting the birth family this week. Praise God this precious little one has a Mommy and Daddy waiting for his birth!

I also received a few letters today from two of the children we sponsor in El Salvador . . . I love to read their letters of how they are doing. They write me about prayer requests and blessings they have. I am amazed at how these little ones have so little, yet praise God for the small things.

Today was a hard day for me . . . mentally and emotionally. Do you ever feel that you have nothing left? That was me this morning and during a part of the afternoon. I wrote an email to my Mom and sisters . . . within a short time, Mom called me. As I write tonight, the tears rise into my eyes . . . I am so thankful for my Momma! Praise God Almighty for allowing me to be MY Momma's Daughter! There are times when a girl NEEDS her Mom . . . even at 46 years old and TODAY was one of those times. It was so reassuring to simply hear her gentle voice of encouragement and words of wisdom. Mom, you helped me more than you know! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for being there when I needed you today!

Friends, be aware . . . Satan prowls, seeking to get to you, to take what is yours and to attack at every available opportunity! You can be going on with your day as happy as a lark and BAM . . . you crumble! Stay close to God. Talk to Him and tell Him all of your cares. Pray for your family, your little ones, your husband . . . and by all means, pray for yourself. Ask for God's Divine protection, wisdom and Grace! Friends, we can NEVER have too much Protection, Wisdom OR Grace!

Tonight I am Thankful . . . I am Thankful for a Loving Christian Mom and Dad.

I am Thankful for a Loving Christian Husband.

I am Thankful for my little boys that came and hugged my neck and told me they loved me when I was having a hard time today. Bless their little hearts.

I am Thankful for my beautiful daughter . . . she told me today that she totally understands NEEDING her Momma . . . NEEDING to tell her everything. She is too smart for her years.

I am Thankful for a SELFLESS God that sent His ONLY Son to Earth knowing fully that He sent His Son to be Born, to Suffer and Die so that WE would have Eternal Life! We must only confess our sins and accept the most PRECIOUS of ALL Gifts.

I am Thankful for my Loving and Selfless Savior! Born all those years ago in a stable. Born all those years ago to be the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for me . . . and YOU.

And Friend, He IS Coming Again!

Praise God!

1 John 4:9

This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.

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Natalie said...

Great post Julie! I appreciate hearing your heart! Very encouraging this morning at 5:00 a.m.!!

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